10 Simply Decorating Your Minimalist Bathroom with These Victorian Bathroom Ideas


Victorian style becomes popular to decorate modern house design. It can be appropriate to match any room designs like the bathroom. Victorian bathroom style is a bathroom model that has specific ornaments. The ornaments will give a unique accent in your bathroom design.

10 Best Victorian Bathroom Models You Should Know


The victorian style creates such a unique interior design through the ornaments. Victorian style determines deep value from its history. Thus, it gets much appreciation from people who know the history behind it. Before you decide to apply this theme, you should know more about the Victorian theme. Behold the following ideas you can try:

1. Rustic Curtain


One character of Victorian themes is rustic detail in each stuff. This can be adapted by choosing a rustic curtain model. Brown and cream colors match completely to express Victorian style.

2. Old-fashioned Mirror


As shown by the previous sample, rustic materials may support Victorian bathroom design. You can replace the mirror model which represents the Victorian style. Choose an old-fashioned mirror which is wonderful to create a Victorian bathroom style.

3. Unique Carpet


Another material that you can apply is an ornamental carpet. This carpet you can buy at-home shop without spending much money. Combine with ornamental curtain for covering the bathtub. It invites natural and calm nuance in your Victorian bathroom design.

4. Antique Lamp


The lampshade is beneficial in creating such a warm nuance. As the Victorian model relates to a romantic accent, thus setting a decorative lampshade is helpful. It will maximize the performance of your Victorian bathroom.

5. Natural Decoration


Combining Victorian style and Bohemian style at your bathroom is a good idea. This can be well-performed by setting artificial flowers or fresh flowers over the curtain. It will freshen up your minimalist bathroom.

6. Simple Wall


The victorian style also fits in simplicity looks. Instead of buying expensive tiles for the wall, you can replace it with simple tiles. Make sure you choose the color of the same tiles for the wall and floor.

7. Cement Countertop


Cement countertop is nice stuff to put at your bathroom. You can place many kinds of stuff over it, Meanwhile, it clearly expresses the Victorian style in your bathroom.

8. Hanging Pictures


Do you love seeing artworks in your room? Then you can hang some unique pictures over the wall. Make sure you choose the right pictures in gold frames to maximize the Victorian style.

9. Golden Nuance


Golden nuance will make your bathroom looks luxurious and glam. You can paint the whole wall by using golden color painting. Make sure you choose the cheapest paints to avoid losing a lot of money.

10. Full of Accessories


One way to improve Victorian style is by adding some related materials. You can buy candles placements, a rustic table, etc. All of them bring perfection in your Victorian bathroom model.

You are not allowed to choose one of those ideas. You can select more than one model to combine.

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