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9 Some Window Covering Ideas you Can Copy at Home

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Is there any windows in your bathroom? Some people avoid setting window for bathroom design, but actually it can be a nice try to invite natural light from the sun. Through an opened window both covering curtain or not, you may get different feel whenever getting into your bathroom. Have a look your own room, if you agree with this concept, try to modify then.

9 Some Window Covering Ideas you Can Copy at Home

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Not all bathroom has window in it. Only people who love seeing outside when being in bathroom will set a window. Setting window in bathroom makes your room brighter at noon, but sometimes it get you insecure as your private room will be more reachable. Thus, your bathroom window needs to be covered. The following window covering ideas you can improve in your small bathroom:

1. Jalousie Window

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If you want to have window along with ventilation, you can set jalousie window. This window made of braided wooden that can be functioned both as window and ventilation. As it does not need any coverings to keep you secure.

2. Combination Window

Source: 1bathroomdesign.blogspot.com

Both casement window and jalousie window can be combined together in bathroom. This can be useful for you. If you feel insecure, you can close the casement window, then you still get light from the jalousie window. Both of them do not need covering

3. Half Pattern Curtain

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If you usually find window fully covering with curtain, but this has different style. It is covered a half with pattern curtain. You may have a look outside through the top window which is not covered by curtain.

4. Rattan Covering

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Instead of using curtain cloth, you may replace with a rattan material to cover the window. This will be more expensive but it perfectly creates a rustic accent bathroom.

5. Cloth Curtain

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Having a big glass window at the bathroom will make your room brighter, but it means it needs bigger curtain to cover up. Use a bigger cloth to cover this kind of window. Choose calm color to match the whole bathroom theme.

6. Bi-fold Window

Source: mckenzieandwillis.co.nz

As like previous window, this kind of window also does not need covering. Bi-fold window is enough for lightening your bathroom. By using this window, you will keep your money as you don’t need to buy curtain.

7. Sliding Curtain

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This is the modification of half curtain that uses sliding curtain model. At the center, you can hang a decorative plant to beautify its look. In choosing the curtain, you can match the curtain separation model. Thus, your bathroom will look elegant.

8. Carving Wood

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One way of creating such a vintage style in your bathroom is by adapting culture design. You can invite uniqueness by setting carving wood to cover the whole window. It may be expensive but it is worth.

9. Round Motive Window

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This window is not designed with curtain to cover up. It functions as a decoration also, because through this window you cannot look outside freely. That beautiful motives block the space to see outside. But it is cute and artsy.

After seeing those ideas, now you know that not all window need to be covered. Some of them are made of unreachable even without covering. Now, you can start to improve your bathroom window.

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