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21 Elegant Contemporary and Modern Interior Design Ideas, Bring The Ultimate Luxury on Your Living

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In many ways, contemporary interior design and modern interior design have many similarities. If you take a look at these modern interior design could be considered the same and similar. A numerous home interior design experts, a designer, decorator, and stylish, both interior design have significant differences.

Contemporary interior design, which refers to the trends and styles nowadays, in some ways can accommodate the characteristics that are brought on the modern interior design. While the modern interior design itself refers only to particular design that develops and is used at a certain period.

21 Elegant Contemporary and Modern Interior Design Ideas, Bring The Ultimate Luxury on Your Living

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The term of modern interior design actually refers to a popular style known as “mid-century modern“. This modern interior design developed back in 1920’s to 1950′. What I found about the characteristic of this style is the cleanliness of the entire room, it also looks neat and tends to be minimalist decoration style.

Next thing that I’d like to mention is the use of natural material because it also takes part in this modern interior design. Wood, leather, linen, and plastic furniture become dominant elements, combined with polished metal has made such luxurious look.

Well, here are some inspiration of contemporary and modern interior design that escalate your life quality. Check this out!

1. Victorian Landmark Townhouse

Source: naturalistes.info

2. Manhattan Home Interior Design

Source: homeadore.com

3. 1889 Carnegie Hill Townhouse

Source: 1stdibs.com

4. 1857 West Village Townhouse

Source: bksk.com

5. Parisian-style Interior Design

Source: bloglovin.com

6. 1904 Standford White Townhouse

Source: sisalla.com.au

7. Kemble Interiors-designed Townhouse

Source: markzeff.com

8. Vaulted Library Interior Design

Source: markzeff.com

9. Greenwich Village Townhouse

Source: 1stdibs.com

10. Brooklyn Heights Townhouse

Source: neuarch.com

11. Sandra Nunnerley-designed Townhouse

Source: departures.com

12. Greenwich Village Townhouse with painted brick walls

Source: 6sqft.com

13. Featured Library with Victorian fireplace mantel

Source: theinspiredroom.net

14. Carroll Gardens Townhouse

Source: br.pinterest.com

15. Ash NYC-designed Greenwich Village Townhouse

Source: 6sqft.com

16. Gramercy Park Townhouse

Source: 1stdibs.com

17. Chelsea Townhouse

Source: bocadolobo.com

18. Upper West Side Townhouse

Source: linecity.com

19. Giancarlo Valle-designed Townhouse

Source: za.pinterest.com

20. Upper East Side Townhouse

Source: bosco-properties.com

21. Greenwich Village Townhouse with sumptuous bedroom

Source: 6sqft.com

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