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Interior Design – Don’ts for Your Interior

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Decorating can be the most fun project ever. You can put anything in our own home as you wish. But there are many pitfalls you should know. In many interiors often found a few things should do like mixing warm and cool colours or grouping and organizing things. These things can make a balanced and relaxed atmosphere in any space.

Interior Design – Don’ts for Your Interior

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Besides, there some things you shouldn’t do while decorating your home. Don’ts for your interior. Very often people have their own style to decorate their own home. Keep everything in your house in proportion. Have a look these suggestion to guide you in decorating your house.

Don’t Select the Wrong Format

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The most common mistake people do in decorating a home is choosing the wrong format. For example, selecting a large lamp hanging above the dining table. It could make the dining area actually looks very small. The best thing to do is to pick something small and some of those items rather than using one big item. Once you use a number of smaller items the entire look will totally larger.

Don’t Put Furnishing against the Wall

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Another common mistake is people tend to place furniture against the wall. Of course, setting up furniture more spacious will make your room appears bigger, even in a small apartment. Consider keeping some centimetres free and place don’t put chairs or sofa against the wall. Or you can also put a cabinet perpendicular to the wall as a kind of divider.

Don’t Use Small and Cheap Pillows

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Pillows are one of the important elements in the interior. To get the best appearance for your room, choose good pillows that last longer and not collapse. Your pillows must be comfortable, full and formable. Instead of a lot of small pillows, it’s much better to buy a couple of large pillows.

Don’t Choose Colour That doesn’t Fit the Interior

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If you are not one hundred per cent sure about colours for your interior, don’t paint your walls. If you don’t know which the best colours for your interior, you can ask for some design interiors. If the colours you’ve chosen don’t fit your interior the result will be not good. It needs experience and a creative brain to opt for the right colour.

Don’t Save On Lighting

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The next general error is people buy a lamp which is not big enough for space. Very many people save on lamps, whereas they are very important. If your space is not well finished, consider chandelier or in a modern interior a sleek lamp. You can also cluster lighting for a playful effect.

Don’t Stop Puzzling If You’re Not Satisfied

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An interior has to fit your personality anyway. If you’re not completely satisfied you may have to add some elements. You can ask a professional design interior to help you so you will get a new interior that fits you like a glove.

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