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Renovating? Industrial Décor Ideas Have the Most Popular Room Décor Trends over the Decade

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When it comes to renovating your home with industrial style, the most important thing to know is the design style. The industrial style is a popular trend that could make your home have engineered look to it. Looking at these ideas to get inspired!

Renovating? Industrial Décor Ideas Have the Most Popular Room Décor Trends over the Decade

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One of the easiest ways to define an industrial style to your home is from the use of exposed steel. It is the hallmark of the industrial style. Other trademark features are the painted brick walls and also eclectic rustic wood. It tries to mix and match together different elements for creating an organic blend.

Industrial décor can revitalize your home with a modern twist. This style has a unique architecture style. It borrows inspiration from warehouses and factories. The character of industrial style makes use of various details are metal reinforcements and ceiling beams.

Colour Features

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The industrial style favours worn and aged. It is all from earthy accents to steel and iron tones. The best choice is brown and burnt colours. They will feel at home with this industrial style. Once you opt for a rustic or farmhouse style, it will not be a problem with achieving the desired effect.

Not to mention metallic tones play a crucial role in this design style. Maybe you need some extra natural wood to keep the palette balanced. Having exposed brick wall is a huge plus as you can make use of red or white colours. Besides, you can use a varied range of accent colours to arrange the other decorative components.


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The furniture of industrial style uses unfinished wood. By ensuring your tables, it’s built from raw wood, you can make your table genuinely looks like it belongs in the industrial décor. It is also recommended to get a table with exposed metal legs for an enhanced effect.

One of the key elements of the industrial style is the use of leather. It represents a charming companion of the industrial style. Try to use leather or accenting furniture, such as sofas and chairs. If you are not a big fan of leather, you can renew it with linen sofas and chairs for good alternatives.

Essential Elements

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Metal. This element characterizes a true powerhouse in the industrial style. It is for purely aesthetic and often be used for highly functional pieces. Besides, metal comes in a vast range including rusted and galvanized.

Wood. Natural wood with its elegant look actually is not recommended in this style. But, you can keep this element in a rugged or refined state. Wood is warmer than another element in the industrial style.

Leather. Leather is for all utilitarian basis of the industrial style. There are sleek and elegant or a worn aspect, leather has the power to make each room feel homier.

Bricks. This element is also playing an important role when it comes to industrial style. Exposed and bare bricks are a nail of any industrial interior design. As for a warehouse painted concrete and aged bricks are tremendous.


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Mechanic. There are many probabilities to include mechanic accents into your décor. Much various hardware like gears, nuts, and bolts are perfect to create a visual impression in industrial style. Think of pulleys, clock gears, and cables.

Rivets. Bring a timeless feeling to any industrial room from rivets. They are aged pieces that can act as exciting accents for any industrial items.

Wire. The wire is highly recommended to add some finishing touches. Opt for metal baskets rings or cage lights to watch out industrial places. It is also very fascinating to look at.

Light Fixtures

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To complete the industrial look of your home lighting is a crucial thing that must get involved. However, it should not be overlooked. There are two main categories of industrial lighting; modern and vintage.

  • An exposed pendant lamp is a great idea to make your room looks more industrial. Choose Edison light bulbs and soft orange glow. Both fit very well to achieve the industrial aesthetic.
  • Ceiling lamps have a wide variety of shapes and forms. Most people prefer with a rusty oversized cage but the others prefer multiple dimmer light.

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