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Inspiring Micro House Design Ideas That Will Save Your Space

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There seems to be a trend recently in building tiny, micro houses. It is all about finding a key to include as many functions and things into as little space as possible. Lots of inspiring designs out there and you can find them easily.

Inspiring Micro House Design Ideas That Will Save Your Space

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Bigger is better has never heard of micro houses. Clocking in at about 400 squares feet or perhaps less. Micro houses are a unique challenge and also Instagram baits for homeowners. It means fitting an entire house worth of stuff into an itty.

Adorning a micro house is all about making the most of the square footage, so many people who have them have lots space-saving tricks up their sleeves. And, many micro design tactics are great in any place. Here are some micro house tricks to try.

Great Storage

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Having a lot of clothes, shoes and other stuff that lying around could be trouble for all of us. Maximizing your storage is a smart way to hide the clutter. You can install extra cabinets built into your stairwell.

Bon Appètit

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You will never use a formal dining room anymore. Ditch the fancy table and scoot some bar stools beside your kitchen counter. It is a pretty way to save a lot of space and turn your kitchen into the epicentre of your home.

The Power of Lighting

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Get lit! Don’t underestimate the power of stunning lighting. You can limit floor and table lamps and consider hanging some strings lights overhead. String lights create a rustic vibe and a warm to your room.

Ignore Gravity

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For anyone with a lot of kitchen wares, exposed hooks are perfect for you. It is awesome! If you don’t have enough cabinet space, it’s your time to add exposed hooks for your hanging stuff. It’d remove the clutter from your counter and give your space a whimsical feel as well.

Barn Door

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Indeed, swinging doors are so yesterday, so if you want to up your micro house, add sliding barn doors. They look great and take up a lot less space. There are many inspiring design ideas out there.

Stick It into Neutral

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When it has come to a neutral colour scheme, think of pastels, neutrals, and whites. They will make your space look and feel bigger and brighter. No matter the shape and size of your space! You can use off-white hue for your tiny house and slather your walls.

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