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Tips on Fixing Small Space Design Mistakes Everyone Does

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Designing small space is notoriously difficult and the stakes for getting it right are surprisingly high. Most people make some mistakes in designing their home and don’t know about it. Hang curtain too low and covered our windows. Choose a paint colour that all wrong with no real plans.

Tips on Fixing Small Space Design Mistakes Everyone Does

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Indeed, it is tough to take a risk once you are truly not sure where to start and what your style is. The unexpected thing comes when you reach outside your comfort zone. There are many mistakes everyone does most in homes and apartments. From the entrance to the living room and even the bathroom. Here are tips on fixing small space design mistakes everyone does.

Mistake 1

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Mistake: Choosing Open Shelving in the Entryway

It is enticing to hang a floating shelf by the front door. There is more involved in planning an optimal entryway. For you who live in a small home or apartment, storage is often and perhaps always in short supply, and your entrance is no exception. Open shelving is a solution, sometimes. However, unless the styled shelves, it just ends up looking messy.

Tips: Opt for pieces of furniture that can work double duty and provide functional storage while beautifully concealing clutter. A vintage commode or small dresser, rather than a bookshelf or console table. The small dresser will provide essential storage and make a charming first impression.

Mistake 2

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Mistake: Opting For a Rug/Carpet That’s Too Small

The most common mistake everyone does for their small space is opting for a rug or carpet that is too small. We all may know that life in a small home can be very problematic to design and decorate, even for the little things. Once you select a small rug for your small space, it can actually make space appears smaller. A rug gives softness, anchors furniture pieces and also dampens sound.

Tips: Select a rug or carpet that is larger. The larger rug can express the feeling of an airy room and a more open space.

Mistake 3

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Mistake: Forgetting Personality in Bathrooms

Who says a bathroom should be straight? In fact, a bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. Some people don’t like to bring in some fun accessories and even the colour palette. And they even neglecting to add personality in this room.

Tips: Taking a fun wallpaper, updated plumbing fixtures, merry mirrors and a fun sconce. They perfectly can add marvellous impact.

Mistake 4

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Mistake: Shopping the Wrong Bed Size

One of the small mistake in the bedroom is buying the wrong bed size. Some people buy a bed that is too large for space. A king-sized may overwhelm a small room and make it difficult to address.

Tips: Shop a queen-sized bed with a lower profile. Shoot for at least thirty inches of open space between the bed and the walls or your furniture pieces.

Mistake 5

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Mistake: Selecting the Bad Light for Dining Room

Inappropriate lighting doesn’t mean bad lighting. Most people prefer to use recessed lighting, whereas it is terribly bright and uncomfortable. It is true in a dining room. Unfortunately, recessed lighting doesn’t set the right mood for the dining room.

Tips: Add entertaining and boost the mood by putting in dimmer light for dining rooms. Dimmer may be a practical solution.

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