Timeless Removable Living Room Wallpaper Ideas You Must Have


In recent years, there has been an emphasis on developing a personal style. It can be a renovation or simply buying pieces of furniture that you truly adore. Most people think of long-term than they have in the past. Interior design that in and out is varied. An excellent way to make a big statement in your room is by installing wallpaper.

Timeless Removable Living Room Wallpaper Ideas You Must


Getting bored with paint colour? Do you want to make something more special for your living space? Removable wallpaper is a great answer. Removable wallpaper can be another great option instead. Since installing wallpaper is simpler than painting your wall. Plus, you can change your home interior design easily due to the chosen wallpaper design can be appropriated.

If you don’t want to change the wallpaper continually, consider choosing wallpaper in timeless-themed. You can choose wallpaper in a unique design or a neutral colour. So, the wallpaper can be applied longer. To get inspired, read on this article and find the most you like.

Grasscloth Wallpapers


Grasscloth is commonly used to describe wall-covering that made from hand-woven strands of natural fibres on an un-pasted rice paper backing. The fibres can include jute, seagrass, arrowroot grass, bamboo, raffia, and hemp.

It is very fashionable now. This wallpaper has a huge variety of size, colour, and texture. And, of course, you can harmonically include this wallpaper in almost any interior design. Grasscloth wallpaper is a natural and extraordinary wallpaper and mostly handmade.

Animal-themed Wallpapers


This wallpaper is suitable for those who love animal. It has a fun colour that can be very ‘playful’ in your living area. Also, you can apply it in your nursery room since the design is very fun and happy for kids. Additionally, you could simply pair this wallpaper with any colours. Any piece of furniture such as a sofa bed and side table in the same colour are just perfect unity.

Play with Pattern


If some people think of playing pattern can make them dizzy, think again! If you do it in the right way, for example, pair a big pattern with a small one will create perfect visualization. A quick tip: combine the chosen pattern with varying size but in the same colour palette. Since the pattern has already been complicated, don’t make it contrast so the wallpaper won’t appear crowded.

Ethnic Pairs with Tropical Colors


Don’t be afraid to be different. I mean, you can incorporate an ethnic-themed with tropical colours. Like in this picture, it is a great wallpaper that can add visual interest to your living room. With this pattern, you can show off the grace of ethnic-themed and absolutely with tropical colours. To make it more enchanting, pair with furniture or decoration that has the same colour.

Unique Pattern in the Some Angle


Try to use a unique pattern only for some angles. Instead of covering all the walls, you can make something interesting by cutting some parts from your wallpaper panel then making a pattern. For example, once you have chosen floral wallpaper, you can only use it on some sides. Then for the left space, you can make it bare wall by using a neutral colour palette.

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