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Healthy Homes That Show Off the Beauty of Scandinavian Design

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Most people dream of having healthy homes. The Scandinavian homes strike the perfect balance between minimalism and over-cluttered and resulting in a clean that means warm and healthy. This home design is very popular with a focus on craftsmanship, clean lines and materials. Thus, without any doubt Scandinavian design can be a role model for a healthy home.

Healthy Homes That Show Off the Beauty of Scandinavian Design

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The Scandinavian design idea is a design movement characterized by minimalism, functionality and simplicity. When it comes to home design, Scandinavians are something. In this design, less is truly more since housing is generally expensive and smaller in Scandinavians countries. Plus, creating multifunctional furnishing is a goal. Here are the key to create healthy homes that show off the beauty of Scandinavian design.

Clean Lines

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Clean lines is one of the most popular style in Scandinavian design. There is no lot of ornate detailing discovered in this design style. The most common design is modern, clean lined, solid pieces and a defining feature of the Scandinavian design style.


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The much more common material used in the Scandinavian design is wood. Whether it is on floor or wall, it includes a lot of wood. But not just any wood will do in this design. You may find another material. The wood used in Scandinavian design are commonly light woods such as beech, pine, and ash. They help to keep the light theme.

Muted and Light Colors

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Since in Scandinavian countries the winters are so long and dark, Scandinavian interior are painted white to keep space bright. Once the light and muted colors used they are kept soft and understated. They keep the entire space feeling bright, homey, cohesive and uniform.

Clutter Free Space

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Most Scandinavian homes was very small and didn’t allow for excessive amounts of stuff. Fortunately, homes are built larger now and you will find more room for things. Keeping a space free of clutter is an important aspect of Scandinavian design.

Simple Accents

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Along with keeping the space free of clutter, Scandinavian design keep the décor to a minimum. It means, there is no too much in decoration. Bare walls and empty space are shied away from. While no wall to wall carpets have never been a popular décor in Scandinavian style.

Touch of Greenery

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Scandinavian design may not allow for excessive amounts of stuff. Yet, there are plants found in many Scandinavian homes. Plants are believed to help brighten up space and to bring in some life.

Natural Light

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It is dark so much of the year in Scandinavian countries. Natural light is a crucial thing to maximize and try in Scandinavian design. If you want to use any window treatments, try sheer or translucent ones that are favoured to let in as much light as possible.

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