The Hippest Nautical Patio Décor Ideas to Try For a Better Backyard

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A shinny day and warm night approaches. It is time to enjoy it in your patio. But, wait a minute, is your patio going to waste? What do you have in your patio, anyway? Perhaps a seat, or two? An old table you never use anymore? Or nothing at all? Whether you patio is the tiny one or an expansive one, you can take advantages of warm weather to create such a chic outdoor area. Whether you’re looking for temporary decoration or a permanent one, I have a few patio decor ideas you can surprisingly copy.

The Hippest Nautical Patio Décor Ideas to Try For a Better Backyard

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For those who are very excited about nautical theme, lucky you, today I will share this theme for you. Patio decoration comes in a wide of variety. Opting for furniture, lighting fixtures, green-looking from plants. Also creating a warm feel by installing rugs, and maybe for some people want to build-in outdoor kitchen, or even fire pit. But, what’s the most crucial? Or you can say, what’s the basic décor you can try in your own space to invite nautical vibe? With these chic nautical décor, you will finally have the perfect spot for you and family and make you all feel always near the ocean!


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The first thing you need to do is choosing a theme for your patio. There are plenty of themes you can choose from. When you decide to choose a coastal theme, everything is inspired by driftwood and sea glass as well as crisp, then high-contrast colors that will reflect a racing ship. Plus, you can express a nautical theme in serene, minimal space, rustic and collected homes. Color, pattern, and texture are all just as important in your patio area. Nature and natural elements are the starts of any open – lanterns, sailboat décor, and air space but oars.

The Basic Décor

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The basic element is nature. Nature is a main character in beach and coastal décor. It is easy to represent sea life and its vegetation in photographs, found objects and sculpture. Additionally, another major element of nautical décor is color.

Commonly, nautical décor uses blue color, unsurprisingly, being the primary influence. Blue color is one of the most linked to water. It also has associations of peace, depth, and authority. The combination of dark blue and crisp white are perfect which actually comes from Naval uniforms.

Besides, another element in nautical décor is wood. Wood is rich and highly varnished wood recall the furniture in ship. Then, light pieces evokes driftwood found beachside. Not to mention rope is featured as well as graphic flags and maps. Also, metallic, particularly brass reference uniform buttons.

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