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8 Ideas to Decorate a Living Room with Ornamental Plants

Who says making plants as decorations is not a good idea? In addition to beautifying the room, flower decorations in the living room will make the air fresher and the room feel more alive.
Many people think that plants used as living room table decorations are difficult to care for and sometimes difficult to grow. If the treatment is not right, its presence might actually make the atmosphere dull because of the brown leaves. However, still, plants are one of the decorating ideas that you should try. Moreover, this green plant can be obtained easily and the price is very affordable.

01. Fill in Empty Space


The plant turned out to be a beautiful decoration for the corner decoration of your living room. There are certain angles in your home that don’t just fit the decoration. In this case, you can place plants behind a chair. However, remember to choose a size large enough for the blank corner to be completely filled.

02. Hanging Plants


If you have limited space at home, but don’t want to sacrifice the remaining space for potted plants, you can hang the pot as an alternative that is no less beautiful.

03. Decorate the walls with greenery


If you want your design to be greater and more organized, why not try having this plant wall? This design can be perfect for any blank wall in your living room or hallway wall in your home.

04. Green Plants as Partitions


It is inevitable that there are certain areas in our home that are not used or are empty that can make us feel something is missing or the design is incomplete. It would be far better if you use plants to get a thick, natural impression to make the room feel more spacious.
Moreover, It can also be used to separate one room with another room.

05. Green Plants as Focal Points


Now many modern home designs use green plants to create focal points in the house. This point is usually directly adjacent to the living room so it is suitable as decoration in the room as well. For the type of plants, choose those that are not sensitive or difficult to grow, such as ferns, palms or bamboo.

06. Spread Tiny Plants in Various Angles of the Room


If you do not like the size of plants that are too large, you can choose small pots. Spread it in various angles that are easily visible in your living room to get a natural impression.

07. Ornamental Plants for Display from Behind the Window


Giving a green feel to the living room does not have to directly put plants in the room. If you find it too troublesome, you can use the large glass window on the side of the living room to show your collection of beautiful plants outdoors. This window acts as a display that decorates the living room with shades of green.

08. Green Plants as Complementary Decorative Shelves


Decorative shelves are generally only filled with photo frames, action figures, or book collections. There’s nothing wrong with choosing small green plants like mini cactus to give a green feel to your living room.

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