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8 Cheap Decorating Ideas to Make Houses Look More Stylish and Eye-catching

Having a house that looks stylish certainly has its own satisfaction. Besides looking beautiful, stylish home is also synonymous with modern and contemporary things. No wonder the furniture and decorations used are also chosen in such a way as to make them look small.
A house with a stylish appearance can actually be applied to various types of home designs. Even traditional houses can look stylish if you are able to sort furniture properly.
Usually, there is a modern touch in a stylish home, can be from electronic furniture such as televisions, audio devices, kitchen equipment, and much more. In addition, decoration on the wall can also give its own impression.
However, many assume that designing a stylish home requires expensive costs. Most assume that only those who have an unlimited budget can own a stylish home.
In fact, stylish homes can be realized with a cheap budget. The key is creativity. The more creative you are, the chance to have a house with a stylish appearance is higher.

01. Decoration of a large wall clock

Usually, the wall clock has a size that is not too big, but for the sake of a stylish impression, you can modify the wall clock to be large. Wall clock with a large size you can buy at the store or can also hone creativity by adding homemade accessories.

02. Decorative flower pots containing grass thatch

What usually is in a flower pot or vase? Of course, flowers and greenery. However, you can also use other types of plants that are anti-mainstream, thatch grass as a display in the pot.

03. Decorative fur fabric for sofa upholstery

The most comfortable place to relax while watching television is the sofa. If you really love your couch and don’t want to make it look dirty, you can use certain fabrics to coat the sofa. In addition, certain types of upholstery such as fur fabrics can actually make the sofa look more stylish.

04. Hexagon wall painting decoration

In general, paintings are square or rectangular. However, this general form is considered too mainstream, so it has less potential to make the house look stylish. To work around this, maybe you can make the painting into a new shape such as the hexagon shape.

05. Decorative iron frame for dividing the room

For houses with industrial style, unfinished materials are the norm. If you want to make an industrial home more stylish, you must dare to use a variety of materials to be used as decoration. As the example above, the iron frame is applied as an inter-room divider.

06. Typographic art decoration on the wall

The easiest and most effective way to make your house more stylish is to apply typographic art to the walls. With the right type of font, attractive typographic design, and motivating sentences, your house will look even cooler.

07. Decoration of living plants on the edge of the stairs

If your house is more than one floor, you can use the stair area to make the house look stylish. The trick is to use plants to beautify the edge of the stairs.

08. Decor paintings in black and white

The latter decoration is perfect for homes with shades of black and white. You can add a sticky wall shelf above the bed. Then, you can line up various black and white photos neatly. Of course, decorations like this can also be applied in other rooms, and not only in black and white nuances.

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