7 Super Comfortable Studio Apartment Designs

The demands of life in urban communities have successfully given birth to a variety of alternative housing. One residential trend that has emerged since the last few years is the small studio apartment. The design of this studio apartment on average prioritizes comfort and high functionality. So even though the design of the studio apartment has a modest size, the residents can be spoiled with a beautiful and comfortable studio apartment design.
For those of you who are looking for studio apartment design ideas, Kania again presents inspiring all-round studio apartment design. With these various designs, you will get a comfortable and proud little house.

01. Private Spaces for Modern Daily Life


Processing studio apartment designs require high engineering and creativity. Because space is limited in the apartment, not infrequently people have to sacrifice comfort. Finally, the apartment is not considered to be a residential choice. The design of this model studio apartment offers the opposite, with a small family layout that integrates with another room, but still comfortable as a neat private space.
In addition to presenting a kitchen as well as a good laundry function, the design of this studio apartment also provides a lounge that is marked by ceramic floors, in contrast to other parts that use wood floors.

02. Half Floor Studio Apartment Design


Utilizing empty space vertically seems to be a beautiful and effective studio apartment design solution. From the design of the studio apartment above, the floor space in the studio apartment can be used optimally. Whereas the upper part is made into a cozy little bedroom.
In addition to a small kitchen that has been equipped with high shelves, the design of a studio apartment also presents a simple multifunctional table. With the installation of wooden floors, automatically many activities can be done on the floor with the family in this tiny apartment.

03. Minimalist Partitions for Elegant Studio Apartment Design


You can add space with sliding glass-style partition with a minimalist wooden frame. This tiny studio apartment design comes with a minimalist sofa set and a matching low table and a floor mattress hidden behind a glass partition. There is also a mini dining room with a kitchen at the far end that is nicely built.
The concept of wood in modern minimalist decor and furniture, such as wall shelves, tables, and sofa legs also seems to dominate the design of this studio apartment well. Apart from sofas and small tables for the leisure section, there isn’t much other loose furniture. Equipped with a wooden bed with a wooden platform, a minimalist modern impression is increasingly felt in this apartment.

04. Scandinavian Chic Theme for Tiny Studio Apartment Designs


Want to have a studio apartment design like chic New York City? Emulate the inspiration for the above studio apartment design in a modern Scandinavian style. The combination of gray with pure white is one effective way to present a Scandinavian style. Artistic wall hangings for apartments may also be added.
Playing on decoration is also one of the tricks used in the design of this studio apartment. Visible patterned carpet that is used to present a broad impression on the apartment. Decoration in the form of living plants also seems to complement the overall design of this studio apartment naturally. The effortless impression is even more apparent with a small pile of soft decorative pillows in various sizes. Interested to try?

05. Tiny But Luxurious, Exclusive Modern Studio Apartment Design


Just because space is limited doesn’t mean you can’t have the impression of luxury. This studio apartment design comes with an all-round luxury and exclusive style. The secret is the right arrangement and quality furniture.
The selection of colors we can consistently see in the design of this studio apartment. Cool colors like white, cream, and brown are the main focus while the blue accent is presented for quite eye-catching color contrast. In addition, decorations in the form of pendants, chandeliers, and minimalist frames further strengthen the taste and luxurious taste of their owners.

06. Design Studio Apartments for Modern Women


Studio apartments are indeed suitable for urban women who are completely independent and have strong personalities. This you can come up with through the design of a studio apartment like the inspiration above. No doubt wearing a lot of decorations, this studio apartment design instead looks alive with the presence of accessories.
With colliding motifs, this small room looks lively with a soft sofa and chairs from glass and decorative pillows. The room is also sweetened with a flower vase decoration. The high cabinet is used as a barrier to keep the studio apartment design neat and beautiful.

07. Cool Studio Apartment Design with Hammocks


The design of this studio apartment is not only cool, but has a character and is different from the others. Starting from the end of the room with an open-concept bathtub to lime-friendly walls for art activities, the furniture also blends perfectly into the design of this studio apartment.
The design of the studio apartment is more attractive with the addition of a hammock that can be reached by a small ladder on the side of the wall. If you are among those who have a young soul, may try this hanging model to maximize the floor space of your studio apartment design.

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