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10 Smart Storage Rack Ideas For Small House

It is difficult to store and organize things in our house, especially those that are rarely used. Especially in small houses, this is an unimaginable problem. Developing storage solutions in small homes will make your home a functional home, as well as having the opportunity to store all your belongings. You can produce different storage solutions in small homes with practical and solutions that you will do in each area of ​​the house.
Today we see designs in different styles, especially the way out for storage which is the biggest problem of small houses. With this design, you can make aesthetic and elegant home decoration and you also at the same time get rid of your storage problems.

01. Underground area


The floor of your house can be raised and can use the area under the floor as a storage area that you want. At this point, you can have a storage area that is easy to use at home.

02. The stage model


When decorating a bedroom at home, you can use your bed as a storage area by placing it on the floor, and you can use the front and side surfaces of the bed as a bookshelf and so on, depending on your needs. In this way, you will have the storage space you need.

03. Shelves in the bathroom


Having stylish wall shelves in the bathroom, you can even have the accessory space you need in the tub, you can prevent the atmosphere from looking crowded. Choosing a glass rack will give your bathroom decoration a more stylish look.

04. Storage Box


You can use the box in your home to provide the storage space needed. For this, you can place the living room or bedroom in a higher place. This will benefit if you also pay attention to the color of the box.

05. Functional furniture

The furniture that you use at home will benefit if you choose a functional one. These six drawers work wonders in your home with a modern version of a traditional sofa and meet your storage needs.

06. Modular seats


If you have a small house, you can choose a modular chair, a seat like in the picture that can be kept hidden when not in use. This allows you to use it only when needed, and save it when you don’t.

07. Wall shelf


You can build a wall-mounted rack system for your cabinets, and use it entirely as a storage area. You can also use sheets for cabinets and create the storage space you need at home.

08. Chair in the dressing room


The dressing room and seating area are specially designed at the door using both boxes. You can use as a storage room, you can have functional furniture, in addition to the storage space you need.

09. Under the stairs


Instead of leaving the bottom of the stairs as a dead space, you can partition to become a stylish and elegant storage area. You can use measurements in this area for the required storage area.

10. Mirror Shelf


You can make a mirror in the bedroom in the same size as a cupboard and use it as a mirror and storage. Finally, you have a cupboard in the room.

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