7 Simple But Effective Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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The size of the house that is increasingly shrinking also has an impact on the park. There is a small-sized garden, even there is no area for plants at all. However, you should not be sad because there are some inspirations that I will share with you.

01. The terrace can also be transformed into a garden in front of the house

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The park does not always have to be in an open area, even a roofed terrace can be transformed into a garden in front of the house. The trick is not to dismantle the terrace floor so that it can be planted with flowers, but by placing flower pots on the terrace floor.
In order to look beautiful terrace, choose flowers with large petals and colors that match the exterior of the house. When night falls and the porch lights turn on, the flowers still look beautiful.

02. Living wall to decorate the front garden of the house

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A Living wall or vertical garden is a solution for you who want to have a garden in a limited area. Take advantage of a blank wall as a garden in front of a house like this. First of all, you have to provide wood or iron support. Then, provide small pots of green plants.
After the pots are ready, hang them on the wood or iron support that has been provided before. When the plant grows, the supporting cavities will be covered and a garden will be created on the wall. So that this living wall looks dense and beautiful, choose green plants whose leaves grow elongated.

03. Hanging pot as a garden in front of the house

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Do not have land to put your favorite plant pots? Just hang the pots in the front area of ​​the house, so that a simple front garden is created. Choose small pots and iron chains as hangers so they don’t fall easily and injure the occupants of the house.
If you have small children who are actively playing outdoors, make sure these pots are hung out of their reach. Plants that are suitable for decorating hanging pots are various flowers and herbal plants.

04. Decorate the front garden of the house with a birdbath

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A Birdbath as an ornamental garden in front of the house seems still unfamiliar to the people of Indonesia. This birdbath is a place where wild birds can bathe. The size is not big and you can decorate the edges of the birdbath with tiny plants like mini cactus.
The garden in front of the house will look beautiful. Coupled with the presence of a bird riding a bath while chirping, it will definitely be more beautiful in this park.

05. Front Garden as a place to relax

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After a day of tiring activities of the mind and body, you need a place of escape. Besides relaxing in the bedroom, you can also calm your mind in the middle of the garden in front of this house.
Fill your front garden with a variety of your favorite ornamental plants, then place a few chairs to rest, such as patio chairs and long chairs. When you are here, you are guaranteed to be as far away from cities.

06. Wall of the waterfall with greenery in the front garden

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If you have a large enough wall in the garden in front of the house, make a multilevel waterfall like this. Plant several types of greenery around it so that the front garden feels like having a waterfall in the wild. Don’t forget, also add a chaise lounge so you can relax at the same time in the front garden of this house.

07. Garden in front of a neat house with footpaths

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A garden does not always have to be filled with colorful flowers. The expanse of grass like this also has created a beautiful atmosphere. To be neater and no grass is stepped on, make a path on the design of your garden. If you want a more attractive appearance, you can use colorful natural stones or stones with certain motifs.

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