7 Orange Decoration Ideas To Make the House Look Cheerful

Bored with the interior appearance of your home? It’s time to create a new atmosphere by decorating the room so that it looks more aesthetic and provides maximum comfort. Have you ever thought of trying orange as a residential interior?
I will share room decoration references with orange elements. It is believed, the orange color can bring a new atmosphere so that the room looks more alive, warm and lively.

01. Decoration to liven up the living room


The orange color can enhance the look of the room which is dominated by furniture and neutral colored walls. As in the inspiration above, the family room seems more lively and dynamic thanks to the combination of orange and neutral colors such as gray and white on the walls and furniture.
The use of bright orange gives a bold impression on one of the chairs in this guest room. With proper placement, this orange chair becomes a focal point in the living room, while giving a very attractive impression because it can balance the appearance of a room dominated by neutral colors.

02. Bring out the impression of masculine with attractive decorations


The orange-wall-mounted black wall display gives a firm and masculine impression in the bedroom. Here, wall decoration perfects the look of the bedroom, enlivening the atmosphere of the room, but does not seem excessive.

03. The orange color presents an active impression in the bedroom


The clean, airy, and bright impression is obtained from this white-dominated bedroom. However, the orange decoration accents give a new dimension so that the room seems more active and attractive. You can apply the orange decoration to pendants, storage, unique wall clocks, photo frames, to aromatherapy candles.
In addition, this room also incorporates natural elements through wooden tables and mini ornamental plants for a harmonious interior design. Thus, the bedroom with orange decoration provides maximum comfort while resting.

04. Orange and brown decoration for a calm impression


Don’t want to change the impression of the room too drastically? You can combine shades of orange and brown as in the inspiration above. Orange comes smoothly through the carpet in the middle of the room.
The combination of orange patterned carpets with wooden furniture such as sofas and hanging shelves gives the impression of a quieter and less festive room. Although it looks stiff, but this room looks more classy thanks to the placement of a number of trendy style ornaments.

05. Harmonious color scheme with a soft orange color


Often the color orange is only considered as a bright color that is not suitable for pairing with other bright colors. However, the inspiration above shows that a brightly striking color like blue on a chair can match with a soft orange color as a color variation on the interior of the dwelling.
The warm impression still radiates thanks to the attractive combination of decorations. This room has a soft and sweet impression because the combination of furniture and decoration with matching colors succeeded in making the lounge look comfortable.

06. Festive kitchen with orange backsplash


In addition to complete equipment, the atmosphere of the kitchen must look fun to be more enthusiastic when cooking. Like the reference above, this minimalist modern-style kitchen looks charming thanks to the striking orange touch on the backsplash.
Not just stealing the attention, this orange backsplash also looks harmonious with a matching colored refrigerator.

07. Bright at once in a monotonous kitchen


If you are the type that does not want to focus scattered while cooking by bright colors on the kitchen backsplash, this might be an exemplary alternative. The domination of white color makes it look elegant, but the orange decoration that is present on the lampshade becomes a focal point to avoid the monotonous impression on the overall kitchen design. Pair with a blue dining chair and the kitchen becomes more cheerful without disturbing the focus when cooking.

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