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6 Cool White Interior Backgrounds That Make Houses Look Clean and Elegant

Getting bored with the look of your home interior? Well, that means it’s time to renovate the house. To be more flexible to be combined with various furniture and decoration models, you can try to change the interior of your house using a cool white background that at the same time can give a clean and spacious impression in the room.
In this article, I will share interior ideas with cool white backgrounds that you can apply to make the room look more impressive.

01. Cool White Background Ideas with Wooden Parquet


Who says wood parquet can only be applied as a floor coating? On this cool white background inspiration, you can see the dining room area that looks attractive with wood parquet wallcoverings that are also white. Not only effective in giving the impression of a clean, wood parquet on a cool white background this room is also able to give a different expression because it appears more natural and rich in texture.

02. Cool White Background Ideas with Exposed Bricks


To make the room not seem boring, you can also combine a cool, modular white background with an exposed brick arrangement coated with a rough finish, as shown. Not only bag-friendly because it does not require a complicated finishing process, this cool white background idea is also effective for providing unique textures or as a focal point in the room.
If you have succeeded in making a cool white background display with exposed bricks, you can use a floor with wooden motifs to make it look more alive. Meanwhile, for the choice of furniture, you can try using multifunctional furniture with a slightly contrasting color, for example, a black long chair with a wooden alloy that can be diverted as a display table at the same time to save space.

03. Cool White Background Ideas with Enchanting Gradations


This cool white background looks very united with the main furniture, such as sofas, bookshelves, and lampshades that both have a matching color. Thus, in this cool white background room created a charming gradation that does not seem monotonous.
Effectively making the impression of the room look more alive, you can be creative by placing neutral-colored furniture, such as beige or gray. In addition, you can also use a floor with wood upholstery that is ready to make the room seem warm and luxurious.

04. Cool and Fancy White Background Ideas


Having a luxurious and elegant appearance, this cool white background idea combines a number of elements through a combination of soft-looking beige floors with a wooden roof. The combination succeeded in giving the room a warm and natural impression. In addition, the interior with this cool white background also incorporates metallic elements in the wall hangings and lampshades so that it increasingly gives a classic and glamorous feel.

05. Industrial White Background Ideas


Although not applied to the whole room, but the combination of cool white background with exposed concrete coated with a rough finish on one part of the wall has succeeded in giving the impression of catchy and eccentric. You can apply this cool white background idea to your living room or bedroom.
Not only that, but you can also add a number of industrial-style elements, such as exposed metal pipes, iron lampshades, to hardwood-finished wood floors. Thus this cool white industrial-style room will look more stylish.

06. Cool White Background Ideas with a Natural Touch


This cool white background with natural shades is perfect for those of you who love nature. Its natural touch is on the use of furniture with wood materials and various indoor ornamental plants which are hung or placed on tables and drawers.
In addition, you can also place a collection of succulent plants as additional decoration on the interior with this cool white background. Not only makes the room look very aesthetic, the addition of ornamental plants in the room is also ready to make your home more beautiful and fresher.
The idea of ​​an interior with a cool white background can be applied to a house with large land or a small house. Not only is it safe to be combined with various interior models, the cool white background is also ready to make your home feel spacious, bright and clean.

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