6 Design Inspirations of Ceramic Kitchen Tables to Awaken Cooking Mood

For some people, cooking is not easy. From preparation to presentation, there is a lot of time and equipment needed. Troubled? Of course. But cooking is also not an activity that you can avoid forever. If you are one of these people, there are several ways to arouse the mood of cooking. For example, with a variety of ceramic kitchen tables.
Ceramic design for the kitchen table can be an aesthetic element so that the kitchen looks beautiful and the mood for cooking becomes higher. The use of ceramic kitchen countertops also makes it easier for you to clean it because sticking food stains can be wiped using a wet cloth.

01. Red kitchen in an Italian restaurant style


Not many people want to use red to decorate the interior of their house. Unless you are a brave person and do not like mainstream flow, this red ceramic kitchen table inspiration is worth a try.
This kitchen reminds Kania of a typical Italian restaurant. The red color will ignite the spirit when cooking. If necessary, use some kitchen furniture or other accents that are red as well to make it look harmonious with the red ceramic kitchen table.

02. Chessboard pattern on the kitchen table


Do not want to use one color ceramic kitchen table, but confused how to combine it so nicely? The easiest solution is to apply a chessboard pattern. Ceramic black and white kitchen countertops will be boring, so you can choose other colors.
For example, white and blue colors for the kitchen table ceramic like the inspiration above. The atmosphere in the kitchen will become brighter and brighter. Adjust the size of the ceramic kitchen table with a kitchen table surface area. If the table is small, use a small tile too.

03. Ceramics on the side of the kitchen table


The main focus of the ceramic kitchen table is not always located on the top surface. You can place it also on the side of the kitchen table as in the ceramic kitchen table inspiration above. The upper part is left plain, while the sides use regular small patterned ceramics with variations in black and white. Minimalistic but very eye-catching, right?

04. Terracotta for a natural impression in the kitchen


The natural color of this terracotta will create a warm impression. Cooking activities will also be fun. Ceramic design kitchen table like this is suitable for use in traditional and Mediterranean style homes.


If the design of the kitchen table from terracotta is too boring, try adding some patterned ceramics around the table to form a frame. The combination of terracotta natural colors and blue motifs was also pretty.

05. Ceramic mosaic in an outdoor kitchen


Outdoor kitchens are susceptible to sun and rain. The use of ceramic kitchen table is the right decision because this material is quite resistant to weather changes. To make it look more attractive, try using mosaic tiles.
You don’t need mosaic tiles that form a motif because just playing with colors is enough. For example, such as ceramic mosaic kitchen table which is dominated by gray and white.

06. Animal accent in the kitchen


Ceramic kitchen table with animal accents like this is suitable for you animal lovers. The background uses a small square of light blue ceramic and in the middle there are silhouettes of various animals.
Of the six inspirations above, is there anything that catches your attention? Basically, choosing ceramics for the kitchen table can be a fun activity. You can also completely remodel the kitchen and build a kitchen set so that variations in the design of ceramic kitchen tables can be adjusted to your overall kitchen design.

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