5 Ways to Clean the Spring Bed for a More Comfortable Sleep

After a day of activities outside the dwelling, of course, lying down on a spring bed mattress becomes a comfort in itself. Unfortunately, this comfort is often disturbed because of the condition of the spring bed which is not clean and easily dirty. Changing bed sheets lining the spring bed doesn’t help much because the main problem is in the spring bed.
Surely you do not want to experience problems sleeping uncomfortable because of the spring bed that is constantly dirty, right? For that, take time regularly to clean the spring bed so it is always comfortable to wear.
No need to bother and panic, because I will help you to find out how to clean spring beds simply and easily.

01. Know the source of impurities

The stain is a major problem that makes spring beds uncomfortable to look at, let alone sleep on. The stains that cause unkempt spots on the bed can also come from a variety of activities that you do on your bed.
Yes, it is undeniable that spring bed is not just a place to lie down, but a place for all casual activities that are relaxed to serious. Starting from eating, studying, watching television you can do from the spring bed.
These activities are also very likely to leave stains on the bed. For example, stains can appear from the food you eat on the bed.
In addition to stains, the threat of bed bugs, mites, and bacteria does not escape the spring bed. These things are even more disruptive to sleep comfort. How not, although not visible, the presence of bedbugs or mites can cause itching and allergies.
Certainly, your sleep is no longer quality. Plus, when the spring bed is damp, the threat of mold and mildew is ready to attack the spring bed, to haunt the days with a super uncomfortable sleep experience. Therefore, you must know how to remove all sources of dirt, such as how to eradicate bed bugs, and so forth.

02. Clean the stain without delay

Work that is allowed to drag on will only make it feel heavier when done. That is what you will feel when you procrastinate cleaning spring beds from dirt.
Especially for dirt from stains, you don’t need to wait longer to clean it. Act immediately and prepare all the equipment to remove the stain from your bed.
The easiest way to clean a stain is to use water spray. It would be better if you spray it with liquid hydrogen peroxide which can be bought freely at the pharmacy.
After the blemished spring bed is sprayed with liquid, wait for about a minute to then wipe it with a soft dry cloth. In this process, you should not rub the stained parts of the spring bed because it only makes the stools expand.
You better pat the spring bed slowly until it dries over time. For this drying, it is recommended to use a microfiber cloth or dry the spring bed using a hairdryer.

03. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and mites

Spring beds may look sleek and without stains. However, that does not mean the bed has been really clean. It could be that the pores of the spring bed are filled with dust and mites, even bedbugs which can trigger allergies and itching when you sleep on them. Don’t want to feel the unpleasant experience, right?
Therefore, provide regular time to clean all the dust and mites in the spring bed pores. The simplest way to clean it using a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner.
Make sure when you start siphoning off the spring bed, the filter from your vacuum cleaner has been cleaned beforehand so that no dirt returns to the spring bed.
After using a vacuum cleaner, complete the dust and mite cleaning section using a disinfectant liquid. This is useful to ensure there are no other types of bacteria that can interfere with comfort and health while sleeping on the spring bed.
Just like cleaning the stain, after being sprayed with an infectant, you can use a soft cloth that is patted onto the spring bed to dry it. Using a hairdryer is also not prohibited so that drying can be faster.

04. Dry spring beds regularly

One more reason for the spring bed to become dirty and uncomfortable to sleep on, namely the presence of mold or mildew in bed. Before the cause of these attacks, you must begin to take anticipatory steps to clean it up before piling up.
Especially for mold and mildew in the spring bed, the best way to clean it with infectious liquid is to make the spring bed dry. Drying is the best choice that will not waste time and energy.
Make efforts to dry the spring bed regularly so that the condition of the bed is always dry. That way, mold or mildew will be lazy to stop by your favorite mattress.
When drying the spring bed, remember that your bed has two sides. Do not be too long to leave one side exposed to sunlight because it will make it look less attractive due to fading colors. In addition, only drying the spring bed one side makes the fungus and moss not disappear from the other side.
Allow 1-2 hours for each side of the spring bed to receive sun exposure. After that, do not sleep right away but put it in a cool place to make it more comfortable to rest on during your rest time later.

05. After cleaning the spring bed

A clean spring bed can certainly make sleeping more comfortable. Kania believes, after a day of activities, resting in a clean spring bed can directly make your energy recover.
Conversely, with the condition of a dirty spring bed, rest is very likely to be disturbed by various problems that arise, such as itching all over the body, discomfort because the spring bed is damp, so that animals – such as ants – may be present because of stain invitations left in the spring bed.
With the condition of a clean spring bed, of course, those unpleasant things can be avoided. Sleep at night will feel good without significant disruption of comfort. The next day, you will be fresher to face all the challenges of work from the activities that await.
Only with general household cleaning equipment, you can create a comfortable spring bed to make a place to rest.
Some natural ingredients, such as vinegar water, baking soda, and a mixture of salt and water can also be alternative other cleaning agents for your spring bed.

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