6 Ceramic Terrace Applications, Welcome Your Guests Magnificently

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Which part of your house is your favorite for relaxing and hanging out with your guests? If your answer is the terrace because of other residents’ privacy issues, then you must see the inspirations of the porch tiles below.
The terrace as a place to gather with guests must not only be comfortable but also beautiful to leave a deep impression. One element that can make it look beautiful and magnificent is the ceramic porch of the house.

01. Classic elegant black color

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The black color is timeless and always manages to create an elegant impression. Therefore, the application of black porch ceramics like this you should try. If the square porch tiles look boring, why not vary the size and shape like the three rectangles in the above inspiration?

02. Ceramic symmetrical porch

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Next, there is a ceramic porch that has a symmetrical pattern. In every corner of the tile, there is a diamond shape. When viewed from above, it looks very symmetrical and beautiful. The combination of light blue and white makes the terrace of the house brighter, suitable for a relaxed atmosphere in the afternoon.

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Other symmetrical porch ceramic models can be in the form of thick lines with an angle of 90 degrees. At first glance like a triangular and rhombus motif but with a modern touch. The combination of light blue, dark blue and white makes it look more dynamic.

03. An illusion game using 3D effects

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Who says 3D effects can only be applied to images and videos? Because the porch of the house can be made to have 3D effects if you want. For example, such as ceramic porch whose motif uses a cube with the illusion of this eye. Anyone who visits this terrace is guaranteed to feel like he is looking at a pile of cubes.

04. Natural impression with tiles from clay

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For traditional style porch, nothing is more appropriate than clay tiles as a surface coating of the floor. The color of the ceramic porch from brownish clay makes the terrace atmosphere warmer. Anyone who visits your house is guaranteed to feel warmly welcomed.

05. Ceramic terrace house with a classic feel

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For classic style porch houses and large, then the right porch is ceramic all brown ceramic. If you use just one ceramic model, it’s not enough to accentuate the impression of magnificence. So, use two ceramics of light brown and dark brown. Then, make small frames like the inspiration above. The use of large and soft furniture can also improve its appearance.

06. Variations in geometric decoration with fancy floral patterns

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Ceramic porch houses with colorful floral patterns instead of creating a magnificent impression, even more, cheerful and girly. If you want to look magnificent, you should use ceramic porch houses with monochrome flower motifs like this. The form is actually abstract alias unknown what type. Accompanied by other geometric motifs, the ceramic porch of this house is getting more and more charming.

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