6 Plastic Cabinet Designs, Small Home Storage Solutions

The furniture industry continues to grow with the times and trends. If previously furniture cabinets were dominated by wood materials, now you get a new option that is plastic cabinets that are sold far more economically than wood cabinets.
Besides offering flexibility because you can move easily, plastic cabinets are also non-crawl and easy to clean. This furniture also has an easy installation process so you don’t need to use expert services. What’s more, the design of plastic cabinets is now more varied so that you can adjust according to the concept of occupancy.

01. Elegant with simple design


This simple design is suitable to be an inspiration for those of you who want a portable plastic cabinet without sacrificing an elegant appearance. This wardrobe also has three different types of compartments that will make it easy for you to store various official clothes, house clothes, and shoes separately.

02. Plastic Motif Cabinets


For those of you who want a natural feel without the hassle of caring for wood materials from furniture, this wood motif plastic cabinet can be chosen. This cabinet design is multifunctional because aside from being a storage area for clothes and shoe racks, you can display items on the display rack.
Most importantly, the wooden motifs highlighted make this plastic cabinet seem stylish and natural so as not to damage the interior appearance that you have created.

03. Organizer for Multifunction Cabinets


If plastic cabinets usually have a plastic lid too, this one model uses a cover cloth to coat the outside of the cupboard frame. Imagine an open model cabinet without worrying about getting dirty from dust and dirt.
Very suitable for use in mini-sized dwellings, this one plastic cabinet is also equipped with a clothes hanger and cloth cover can also be added to the side of the pocket for additional storage space. At the bottom of the cabinet, you can put a storage box that can function like a drawer.

04. Hanging Plastic Cabinets


You can place this plastic cabinet in a minimalist style residence to look stylish. Equipped with strong clothes hangers and iron rails, this wardrobe will remain stable and balanced. Most importantly, this plastic cabinet also offers a classy design and fits in the bedroom as a special place for work clothes.

05. Monochrome with a Modern Touch


For those of you who want to maintain a modern feel to your home, you can choose a plastic cupboard as a place for these shoes. With a transparent plastic lid, you can easily see the shoes you need. The design also has a trendy appearance. It’s ready to perfect the interior nuanced monochrome in your home!

06. Character Decoration for Little One


Suitable for storing items in a child’s room, this one plastic cabinet is adorable with a cute cartoon character design. Of course, the look of a child’s room more attractive. This one plastic cupboard also has a size that is large enough. It fits to store clothes and toys at the same time.

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