7 Plant Rack Inspirations for Those of You Who Like Gardening

For you who like gardening, the presence of a plant rack means a lot to you. Plant rack can support your ornamental plants in large quantities so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plus, a plant rack can be an additional element to beautify your room, both inside and outside.
Because of this, you should pay attention to the model of the plant rack that you will be using. The wrong choice will make your room less beautiful or even damage the atmosphere created by the room’s interior. This time, I would like to share seven inspirational ornamental plant shelves that are elegant and suitable for all interior room styles.

01. Like an open wardrobe model


Want to have a plant rack that contains a lot of pots but is uniquely shaped? How about following the open wardrobe model like the inspiration above? Combine hanging pot models with ordinary plant pots.
Preferably, a plant rack is placed near the window to be exposed to sufficient sunlight for plants. In addition, light brown wood carries a natural impression and looks very united with white walls so it looks very beautiful.

02. Shelf plant from a drawer


Various items can be converted into decorative plant shelves, as in the inspiration above. Drawers from unused cabinets can be transformed into a special rack to put plants in pots. Even though it only consists of one drawer, this rack can accommodate quite a lot of medium-sized plant pots.
In order not to bother, you can keep a small plant watering in it. So, when the schedule for watering your favorite ornamental plants comes, you don’t need to go back and forth to get the sprinklers.

03. Terraced with stairs


Multilevel plant rack models like this are already widely used so you are certainly familiar, right? The shape is like a small ladder that can accommodate many plants, you know.
This ornamental plant rack is suitable to be placed on all sides of a well-ventilated room. Avoid putting it in a humid room so that this wooden rack does not rot quickly.

04. Iron plant rack


Not only made of wood, ornamental plant shelves from iron are also ideal by using iron pipes. The shiny iron color is the main attraction of this shelf.
Suitable for industrial interior styles, this ornamental plant rack can give industrial touches to other interior style rooms.

05. Trolley plant rack


Who says a plant rack can only be put in one place and difficult to move? This does not apply to this one shelf. Utilizing the design of the kitchen trolley, this rack also becomes portable.
Just like the previous shelf, this ornamental plant rack is made of iron so it is suitable for occupancy with industrial interiors. Combine this rack with brick and exposed cement to look like a typical 20th-century factory. Not only in industrial rooms, but this rack also can be used in other interior style rooms.

06. Level three steps


This plant rack resembles a coffee table. The difference is, this one shelf has three steps with one wooden plate per step. The wooden plaque is attached to a white iron stand. Both are combined harmoniously so as to produce a plant rack that looks minimalist.
Each step can only contain one medium to large pot or two mini-sized pots. The shelf is suitable to accompany the cabinet in the family room. Don’t forget to always clean the rack from the dust that clings, yes!

07. Small but adorable


Although small, mini ornamental plants such as succulents also need a plant rack, you know. Put it on a special shelf like the inspiration above will make it look more beautiful to look at.
What’s more, the wooden plant shelves used will support the aesthetics of your mini plants. Place this shelf near your desk, study table, or as a display on your home display rack.

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