8 Minimalist Wardrobe Designs for All Your Needs

Do you want to give a new atmosphere and at the same time tidy up the house with a new wardrobe? Try to choose a minimalist wardrobe that has advantages because it can give an elegant appearance without overdoing it.
But don’t forget, a minimalist wardrobe must be adjusted to the needs and space of your home. If you need minimalist wardrobe inspiration, I have a minimalist wardrobe inspiration that you can try to build.

01. Minimalist Wardrobe with Drawers


For you who need a minimalist wardrobe to hang at the same time store clothes that must be folded, this wardrobe model is the solution. The existence of several drawers at the bottom of a minimalist wardrobe allows you to organize your clothes that have been ironed and folded neatly.
In addition to storing clothes, you can use some of the drawers in this minimalist wardrobe to store various accessories whose shape and neatness must be maintained such as scarves, hijabs, gloves or hats.

02. Minimalist wardrobe with sliding door


This minimalist wardrobe type is the right choice for you who have a small room. The sliding door model allows you to place this minimalist wardrobe in the corner of a room where a conventional door cannot be utilized.
The sliding door model is also safer, because it reduces the risk of the door falling off its hinges and falling when opened too hard. You can also add cushioning to the minimalist wardrobe door so that if a child’s finger is pinched by the sliding door, he/she will not be injured.

03. Multifunctional Mirror on Minimalist Wardrobe


Do you like to dress up or like to look in the mirror while trying on clothes? A minimalist wardrobe that uses a glass door is a practical solution for your needs. In addition to reflecting, mirror reflection in a minimalist wardrobe also gives a relief effect. With a minimalist wardrobe door that has been fitted with glass, you can also save money because you don’t need to buy a mirror anymore.
In addition, you can also use a minimalist wardrobe with a mirror door as a substitute for glass partitions between rooms. Usually, you need a minimalist wardrobe large enough if you want to use it instead of a glass partition.

04. Children Also Need A Minimalist Wardrobe


Who says children don’t need a minimalist wardrobe? Little clothes are not as much as adults but that does not mean he does not need a good wardrobe for arranging clothes and personal equipment. Precisely because children’s goods and toys are not too many, a relatively small size wardrobe and simple design are the right choices.
In addition to the matter of design, you are also required to pay attention to the safety of minimalist wardrobe for children. Choose cabinets that are free from corners and sharp decorations. Do not let your child get injured while learning to tidy up his own clothes.

05. Simple Carving Beautify Minimalist Cabinets


Do you want a minimalist wardrobe to give a decorative effect to your room? Just choose a minimalist wardrobe with carved accents. In order to keep the overall look of the cabinet minimalist, do not choose carvings with decorative motifs that are too complicated. Just a little carving on the edge of the door, the middle of the door or the foot of the cabinet can make a minimalist wardrobe look different.
In addition, do not forget to choose the color of a minimalist wardrobe in shades of salmon or dark colors that are inconspicuous. Do you want your cupboard handle to not be slippery? Well, a little carving accent you can also add to the handle of a minimalist wardrobe to give texture, as well as to make the surface of the cabinet handle becomes anti-skid.

06. Complete your favorite wardrobe with ideal lighting


Having a minimalist wardrobe does not mean you can not maximize its function, you know! For those of you who like to mix and match clothes under the right lighting, you can try installing lights in a minimalist wardrobe at home.
Don’t want to be bothered with extra cables and electrical installations in the closet? Just install the mini LED patch lights in a minimalist wardrobe at home. Despite its small size, this LED lamp can emit strong light. The installation is also very practical, all you have to do is stick it to the inside of your minimalist wardrobe.

07. Combine Minimalist Wardrobe with Room Walls


Another solution for confined spaces is to install a minimalist wardrobe for planting models. The planting model is a cabinet installation system that integrates with the walls of a room. Installing a minimalist wardrobe attached to the wall will clearly save space. To maximize the use of space, you should install a sliding door in this minimalist wardrobe planting system.
Before installing the wardrobe into place, do not forget to adjust the length and width of your choice of minimalist wardrobe with room area. The accuracy of this size is very important when using a cropping system, because you have to make a hole in the wall. Do not let you already break down the wall, but the result is a minimalist wardrobe that you want to plant will not fit because the wall holes are too small.

08. Practical Multipurpose Wardrobe


Want a minimalist wardrobe that is easy to maintain as well as practical? Just choose a minimalist wardrobe model with curtains without doors. Using a closet without a door does not mean that your clothes in the closet will get dirty easily because the curtains are also effective at keeping the contents of a minimalist wardrobe clean.
The use of curtains in a minimalist wardrobe is also economical because at any time you can replace the curtain with a color that is more appropriate when you want to repaint the room where the wardrobe is located. If the curtains are dirty, you only need to wash the minimalist wardrobe curtains and replace them with new ones.

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