7 Ways to Design Workspaces at Home for More Productive Work

Are you planning to make a home office at home? In today’s digital age, the trend of workspaces at home is not new anymore and will certainly increase further in the years to come.
Good for those of you who will use your workspace at home for the whole day or only a few hours a day, workspace design needs to be considered so that the home office is comfortable and you are more productive.

01. The Most Important, Location


Home workspaces can come in all shapes and sizes, including placement in different locations. The best way to choose the most ideal location for a workspace at home is to adjust to your personal needs.
For example, for housewives who will be much struggling with kitchen matters, then the workspace in a strategic home will not be too far from the kitchen. Or if you have to receive guests, then position the workspace at home in the living room area. Conversely, for those who need peace, the home office in a corner of the house would be more suitable.

02. Space Allocation For Comfort


Convenience is the key to a productive workspace at home. Manage your movements in this space as efficiently and comfortably as possible, for example, easy to move from side to side, have access to extra space to stand or sit, etc. It is often wrong for people to estimate the workspace at home because they do not estimate correctly. For reference, allocate more than the size of a standard work table that is 150 cm x 210 cm.

03. Choosing Office Furniture


Choosing home workspace furniture is very important. Choose a desk that is enough to accommodate all work equipment, and also leave enough space for writing activities.
The minimum ideal size for a work table is 120-150 cm, while for the height of a work table can be set at around 70-75 cm. Finally for workspaces at home, invest in ergonomic office chairs for the comfort and health of the cervical vertebrae and back.

04. Storage & Shelf Use


In general, workspaces at home will still require adequate storage areas and wall shelves. Arrange the placement design according to the workflow, work desk location and the most practical job access. Surely you all know the rhythm of personal work so that you must be more observant in the best size and location estimates.

05. Natural Lighting with a View


Try to choose a workspace at home with natural lighting for the highest productivity. This work desk, which is also a computer desk, can be placed facing a window or in a location where the computer screen feels right without reflections. Also, use curtains or blinds to reduce the light that is too bright so that the atmosphere of the workspace at home more comfortable. The placement of mirrors and the selection of home office color paints will also have a lot of effect on your productivity.

06. Need a Meeting Room? This is the solution


Having a workspace at home does not mean having to always leave the house for business meetings with clients. Ideally, you can provide special space in the house for professional needs, but if it is not possible, just set the workspace position at home with some additional seating. Just one or two comfortable and stylish guest chairs for increasingly successful collaborations.

07. Personalize with Decorations


Finally, don’t forget to add personal elements to your home workspace. Unlike the offices that you cannot design according to taste, this is an opportunity to create a workspace at home that best reflects your personality and character. Make sure the workspace decor can motivate you to work hard.
After applying the seven ways to design workspaces in this house, of course, you will be more productive. However, make sure the design of the workspace is adjusted to the way you work and comfort, it is better to consult with interior design services so that all the needs for workspace at home can be fulfilled.

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