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7 Boarding Room Design Inspirations from Around the World

For those of you who like to travel, boarding rooms may have become a substitute for home. As a place to rest and personal space, it is clear that the design of a comfortable boarding room has become mandatory in choosing the boarding rooms. For that reason, a lot of factors are considered in choosing a boarding room design, ranging from design, furniture composition, and others.

01. More spacious boarding room design with bunk beds


Space limitations are often a problem in realizing a good boarding room design. In fact, even though you live in a boarding house, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do much activity in your boarding room.
To maximize your boarding room, choosing a bunk bed by taking the top of the bunk bed can be a surefire way. You can change the space under the bed into a variety of other functions such as learning areas to just a room to relax.

02. Instagramable Spot with Contemporary Decoration


Although it functions as a resting place, it does not mean boarding rooms cannot be instagrammable spots. With the selection of contemporary materials such as wood exposed to the use of room decoration that is being loved, it is not impossible that the design of your boarding room can be transformed into an instagramable spot.

03. Compact Minimalist Boarding Room Design


Minimalist design style is also one style that is quite practical to apply to boarding room designs that have limited space problems. The lack of detail makes the room will not feel crowded. Even more maximized by the use of compact space so that no space in the boarding room is wasted.
Most of the storage area is above or against the wall so that the space is even more free. You can find storage furniture in stores that sell wall shelves or hanging shelves to serve custom cabinetry.

04. Extra Storage under the Bed


If visiting a boarding house or boarding room abroad, not infrequently you will find a bed that has a slightly higher design in general. This is because the space under this bed is often used as storage in order to maximize every function of the furniture in the boarding room’s limited space, for example as a wooden shoe rack. Examples of boarding room designs that are quite functional can you try to apply, right?

05. White Color Domination in Boarding Room Design


The existence of a window as a source of natural lighting can also be another way to make the boarding room space that feels cramped feel wider. Combined with the white boarding house design concept, you can manipulate the atmosphere of the boarding room to feel more spacious and spacious.

06. Design a Boarding Room with Mini Kitchen


If you have more space in your boarding room, there’s no harm in presenting a mini kitchen complete with a small minimalist dining table. This certainly will make the boarding room design more functional.
Many studio apartments that apply this concept, so it is not impossible to apply it to the boarding room.

07. Present with an Open Concept for Boarding Room Design


One design trend that can be applied to boarding room designs is the use of furniture attached to the wall with an open concept. This can minimize the existence of large-sized furniture that causes boarding rooms feel cramped. However, make sure your items are always neat.
Who would have thought with the limited space owned by boarding rooms, you can still find attractive boarding room designs and of course comfortable to use as a residence.

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