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Beneficial for Health, It’s Time to Build a Green Concept House

Applying the concept of a greenhouse was not only good for environmental health but also healthy for its inhabitants. The concept of “greenhouse” itself is not just a dwelling overgrown with many types of ornamental plants, but rather emphasizes energy saving and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.


Greenhouses or environment-based housing has grown in the last ten years. Public health researcher from Harvard University, Joseph Allen explained, the construction of green homes involves several essential building elements that aim to improve water and air quality, maintain temperature, reduce noise pollution, and optimize natural lighting in homes.
In Allen’s research report entitled Current Environmental Health Report, greenhouses are categorized as healthy buildings that provide many health benefits for residents. Here are some of the health benefits that you can get when you apply the concept of a greenhouse.

01. Good air quality can prevent allergies and lung cancer


The walls are rotten and moldy, the humidity is too high, or harmful chemicals that come from furniture cause the air in the room we breathe to be two to five times more dangerous than the existing air.
If the house does not have enough openings, then the trapped poisonous air will have a fatal impact on the health of its inhabitants. A number of health problems such as shortness of breath and lung cancer can be avoided by applying the concept of a greenhouse that encourages the use of room and window ventilation as much as possible.


In addition, adequate openings in the greenhouse can also prevent the occurrence of abnormalities in the fetus – babies born with low blood pressure and diabetes – due to lack of oxygen. Optimal openings can improve the quality of air in a greenhouse, allowing air exchange so that the temperature and humidity of the room are maintained.

02. Optimal humidity and temperature in a greenhouse increases focus


Research shows that the improvement of optimal humidity and temperature levels in the concept of a greenhouse can increase one’s focus by as much as five percent. A room with high humidity and temperature, which is caused by an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide, can inhibit concentration and make a person feel tired quickly.
Another risk that can be avoided by increasing temperature and humidity is the dengue epidemic. Cool temperatures in a greenhouse hinder the development of mosquito and dangerous virus populations.

03. Natural light spurs productivity


A lot of people believe that the presence of natural light can stimulate one’s thinking power. Feeling optimistic and happy as if arising creates comfort while living in a greenhouse.
Not only that, the utilization of natural light in a greenhouse is also accompanied by a good arrangement of interior lighting, such as the use of task lighting in several places and completes the installation of home lighting with dimmers and timers. The arrangement of lighting in this greenhouse can save energy while building a conducive atmosphere for its inhabitants.

04. The use of organic material avoids the risk of dangerous diseases


Materials for building houses are generally not safe enough for health. For example, the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) material — a chemical found in paints, plastic furniture, and household appliances — contains cancer-causing substances, carcinogens. Greenhouse emphasizes the use of organic materials that are non-toxic.

05. Ornamental plants free the mind from stress


There have been many studies that prove that natural elements can help cure mental health diseases significantly. Therefore, the concept of a greenhouse is inseparable from the treatment of indoor ornamental plants. The presence of ornamental plants in a greenhouse can calm the mind and change the mood to be more relaxed.
There are other principles that are applied to the concept of a greenhouse in terms of bringing natural elements into the dwelling, the principle is biomimicry.
This is a way to mimic the behavior of living things which are then integrated into the design of household appliances, such as air conditioning, the hum of the engine resembling natural sound, a fan with a whale-shaped propeller, to an anti-dirty coating paint made from lotus leaves.
From improving indoor air quality to choosing ornamental plants, the concept of a greenhouse helps create a more friendly environment for the health and survival of all of us.

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