Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly with These Sustainable Kitchen Items


We all know that it is not such the easiest thing to do for changing a habit. Especially, we must change something that has been around for a very long time. There is always learning time at first or detox phase as we like to put it before getting rid of a non-sustainable habit.

Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly with These Sustainable Kitchen Items


We have already noticed when we switch over to washable paper-towels and rags. It takes only a few days to grab a piece of paper when there is a spill is strong. Maybe it is only a week before it passed and it’s all the same now. The best way to get rid of this habit is not to have them on hand. But, you should find another way to pick up the spill. Here are some suggestions of must-have for our kitchen.

Use The Silicone Sheets


The best alternative to parchment or waxed paper is using silicone sheet. This silicone sheet is not only durable, but it is also a non-stick surface. Thus, we don’t have to worry about you recipe sticking to it. It is such a great tool to have in our kitchen.

This non-stick mat provides heat transfer and releases food easily from the baking sheet. It is made of food-grade silicone reinforced glass weave. It is effective in temperature from -40 to 480F. Besides, it is also easy to clean, you just need to wipe it with a damp sponge.

Choose Beeswax Sheets for Wrapping Fresh Food and Others


Beeswax sheets are excellent green solution to wrap our fruits or sandwiches, to cover the leftovers and to keep our food fresh. These sheets are waterproof, thus, water will not spoil anything. Also, they let our food breathes.

They offer another layer of protection to our loaf of bread. The most crucial thing you must know about these must-have kitchen item is Beeswax sheets are compostable. They can be a win-win for everyone. After using these sheets, just rinse them under cold water. Then, they will be good for one or two years.

Use Snack Bags


Nowadays, there are many alternatives in as many different materials that can fit our family necessities. When it comes to replacing plastic snack bags that have ruled kitchen for way so long, snack bags comes to solve this problem.

They are handy, washable, and the best upside is that we will not have to buy more every day and even week. We can use snack bags to buy something small that you need in bulk. Also, they are pretty sure great for your kids.

Use Re-useable Bags


If you are looking for such a classic kitchen items, re-useable bags can be the answer. This is the easiest of ways to use less plastics. It can make less and less plastic bags wasting away in worse our oceans.

A re-useable bag must made from natural fabric that is easily washable plus it is much prettier. Make sure to leave them by the door, you we can grab them fast and go. Another way to store these bags is by putting them in our purse to have them every time we need.

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