6 Minimalist Dry Garden Enchantments, Solution to Have a Garden in a Small House

The best minimalist dry garden design always meets two main criteria: simple and elegant. The most ideal minimalist dry garden also does not always require a large space. Although creating a minimalist dry garden in a small house has its own challenges, it does not mean you have to give up instantly. With a small patch of land and minimalist dry garden inspiration can provide the most amazing results at home!

01. Natural Wood & Green Plants


The inspiration above proves that a minimalist dry garden in a narrow area can be achieved only by utilizing wooden panels as a fence and greenery in rectangular ornamental potted plants. Examine areas in the house such as the wall next to the stairs or a small patch of space at the back of the house, maybe it could be transformed into a dry garden.

02. Minimalist Oriental Style Dry Garden


Creating a sweet landscape next to a house can be as easy as leaving a patch of fertile land planted with shady trees. This minimalist dry garden carries an oriental concept as in a peaceful Japanese garden. A sprinkling of stone and wooden deck complete the appearance of a minimalist dry garden on the front side of this house.
Placing a dry garden in the middle of the house can be an option, especially if you want to make the atmosphere in the house more peaceful with the presence of oriental-style natural elements. You can also add Japanese-style stretch chairs on the wooden deck to enjoy the beauty of this minimalist dry garden.

03. Beautiful Setting of Garden Stones


Utilizing the colors of natural rocks, this minimalist dry garden comes as charming as a full abstract aesthetic painting. Do not forget, the ranks of various types of low ornamental plants frame the park area with beautiful curves. Cool, beautiful and make you feel at home, suitable to complete the whole house.

04. Super Minimalist behind the House


This minimalist dry garden is suitable for the area behind the remaining responsibility. Instead of being left blank without style, try a minimalist dry garden design by medium-sized stones. Separated with glass dividers, only a few decorations of green trees are allowed to grow for maximum beauty.
You can also replace medium-sized gravel with sand or light brown natural stone to give the impression with the natural interior of the house.

05. Minimalist Dry Garden Under The Stairs


Do not let the bottom corner of the stairs appear dark and dark. Just create a minimalist dry garden complete with beautiful incandescent and perfect order. This minimalist dry garden plays more with a decoration of pots and stone fences arranged in such a way. Thanks to the natural stone walls with a natural texture, the rest of this quaint room successfully appears beautiful and inviting.

06. Bamboo Design for Mini Parks


Do you still confuse with the ideal plant for a minimalist dry garden in a small house? Bamboo plants are the ideal choice because they don’t need a large place to be planted. The inspiration for this minimalist, indoor-style dry garden was the success of making use of a small patch of field leaning against the wall. You can create the lush atmosphere without having to sacrifice more space in the house.

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