9 DIY Wood Shelf Inspirations That Will Beautify Your Home

Versatile shelves can carry decorative accents that are very effective for an interior setting. Not only can be a beautiful accessory, wooden wall shelves also have high functionality in providing storage containers. The design of the wooden shelves is also increasingly innovative and stunning.
It’s time to say goodbye to a boring wall or corner because the nine wooden shelves are ready to make your dwelling more stylish instantly!

01. Multilevel, Simple Enchanting Frame


Minimalist wall shelves with unique designs definitely provide extra points in terms of visuals. The inspiration for this unique round wooden rack looks simple because it is identical to the straight line structure in general. The decoration also becomes neater when displayed on a multi-storey shelf on this wooden shelf.

02. Minimalism Still A Favorite


Combining functional design with a simple concept, this minimalist wooden shelf is a great choice for those of you who want slick furniture without excessive accents. With an open concept, this wooden shelf is suitable to be used as a display area as well as adequate in terms of storage. The design of the ladder leaning against the wall is familiar, just add decoration trinkets to add a personal impression.

03. Inspiring Persian Architecture on Wooden Shelf


This wooden shelf can be regarded as a work of art in itself. Inspired by Persian architectural designs that use tide patterns and traditional elements, simple bookshelves are transformed into stylish furniture for storing books or left as they are as the most stylish decoration in a home.

04. Modern and Beautiful Curves


For millennials who like to prioritize minimalist design but still modern and anti-mainstream, this beautiful notched wooden shelf can be the exact answer. Packaged in bright wood color, this wooden shelf also provides a display room that is increasingly eccentric but still functional.

05. Space Efficient with Corner Shelves


Special corner wooden shelves? I would love to! The points inside the house that are difficult to decorate or display with ordinary shelves can be easily tricked with flexible wooden shelf designs like the inspiration above. You can place it in the bathroom, corner of a child’s room or family room, corner rack should be an inspiration for a functional home interior and prioritizing space efficiency.

06. Anxious & Cheerful for the Little One


When determining the design of shelves for children’s rooms, it must be thought to ensure the safety of the shelves so they are not easily damaged and dropped. What if trying a wooden rack like inspiration above that can be put on a children’s play table?
The wooden shelf design will definitely make it easier when you want to tidy up a collection of children’s books scattered everywhere. I guarantee that your kids will be happier to read, thanks to a unique bookshelf full of animal characters as in this storybook.

07. DIY shelf with rustic nuance


It’s not difficult to get a unique and cool rack, especially if you have a good DIY soul. With this wooden pallet rack, you can use the pallet wood in the warehouse as a material to make multi-storey wooden crates for a rustic impression on the house. You can also add planting lights in crates and flash paints for the most beautiful finishing touches.

08. Natural Geometric with Honeycomb Framework


The hexagonal wooden shelf pattern is not new anymore, especially on the hanging rack. Well, this one wooden shelf also takes the same concept with honeycomb-style alias honeycomb patterns that apply a variety of geometric decoration, but in a standing model that can be cute storage and charming decoration.

09. Combination of Industrial Style Iron Pipes


This unusual wooden shelf appearance is using an iron pipe as a buffer. It presents a raw industrial style, so there is a different attractive impression. Surely, this wooden shelf is sturdy and has its own character. Try it for more stylish rooms!

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