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7 Best Monochrome Color Applications in Room Interiors

Monochrome colors are often associated with black, white and gray. In fact, monochrome can also be associated with other colors. The term monochrome itself means gradations of tone from one color, for example, a combination of dark blue with light blue, or dark red with pink.
You can apply monochrome colors anywhere, including the interior of the room. Well, the application of monochrome colors in the interior of this room can create a classic feel.

01. Monochrome Black Color in the Living Room


Black monochrome colors are usually synonymous with modern minimalist home interiors. However, monochrome black can also look classic with the right application, as in the inspiration above.
To apply it, leave the walls white so the room looks more spacious. After that, use a white display shelf with a black background. This will create the illusion of an eye as if the display is floating.
Don’t forget to also apply black monochrome color on the sofa with leather upholstery for a classic impression, yes! Meanwhile, you can also add a matching gray color with black monochrome for sofa cushions and chairs in the corner of the room.

02. Purple Monochrome for Elegant Classic Interiors


Since ancient times, the color purple is synonymous with elegant style. If you want to apply it to the interior of the room, you can use the concept of purple monochrome, like the picture above. The walls of the room use pastel purple with a youthful tone. Thus, the room looks spacious and not dark.
Meanwhile, the furniture uses a dark purple sofa combined with tiny purple pillows that are slightly younger. In addition to the accents in this purple monochrome interior, a touch of gold on an effective furniture frame can make the room seem more luxurious. For decor, choose a classic flower model that is also purple.

03. Green Monochrome for Wall Accents


Monochrome color does not have to be applied to all interior parts. To make the classic look more unique, you can only apply monochrome colors as wall accents, for example, the monochrome green color on this one relaxing area.
In one area of ​​the wall, there are modular beam structures of different sizes. There are at least four green monochrome color derivatives arranged randomly. Without much decoration, this green monochrome wall already looks beautiful and is very unique.

04. Beige Monochrome for Gentle Classical Shades


Want to get a classic feel that is suitable for all types of interiors? Just apply beige monochrome colors to furniture and home decor elements, such as curtains, built-in cabinets, pendant lamps, and tables.
The addition of a dark brown color to the display of jugs and edges of the table makes this beige monochrome interior more perfect. Meanwhile, for large functional furniture, such as mattresses and sofas use ivory white which is still a color derived from the youngest beige.

05. Soft Red Monochrome Color


Usually, the red color will make the interior look a bit tacky if it is not applied properly. However, for you lovers of red, don’t worry because you can apply red monochrome colors with soft results, like the inspiration above.
The walls of this monochrome interior use a pastel red, while the cabinet uses a slightly older red. Meanwhile, the sofa uses a brownish-red and maroon seats are compact. Both are coated with velvet material so the room looks classic.

06. Look Classy with Blue Monochrome


The monochrome blue color in this room has no subtle differences. Therefore, you need a little touch of white as a complement.
Not only does it look more classy, but ​​the interior of the monochrome blue color room is also able to create a soft and calm impression. Don’t forget to maximize the lighting so that this blue monochrome room feels more comfortable.

07. Cheerful Classical Feel with Yellow Monochrome


Not many people think that monochrome yellow can also look classic. To make the yellow monochrome color doesn’t look tacky, you can apply it to the decoration elements and choose the pastel yellow color, such as the curtains, carpets, and pillows.
If you want to be more aesthetic, try arranging magazines or novels on bookshelves that have a yellow monochrome cover. Color derivatives that are suitable for monochrome yellow interiors are orange and beige.

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