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5 Modern House Designs That Worth Trying

For those of you who have just renovated a house or bought a new home, it is usually difficult to determine the design style as what is right for housing. Not infrequently, this process takes a lot of time because of differences in desires and tastes among family members.
In fact, the steps to determine the concept of interior design for housing should depart from the lifestyle needs of residents of the house itself.
These houses feature modern home designs that can accommodate the needs of a practical, modern family lifestyle.
Although most of them carry the concept of a minimalist house that tends to be simple and minimal in goods, the five modern home designs do not leave the aesthetic aspect.

01. Modern Minimalism


Minimalism is a style of interior design that is popular in modern society. Because it is so popular, minimalism can be said to be the design concept that best represents the design of the house today.
In its application, minimalist design features are usually shown with sleek and symmetrical design furniture and minimal placement of items or decorations. This application is also usually followed by the application of several neutral colors that dominate, so as to display the unity of a memorable modern design.

02. Scandinavian


Houses with Scandinavian design concepts do have some similarities with modern minimalist home designs, especially in the color combination. However, today’s home design has one of the unique elements that is always present, namely natural elements such as wood planks and ornamental plants.
Because it looks more natural and warm, Scandinavian interior design is suitable for you who want to always feel connected to nature.

03. Compact House


In addition to modern minimalist homes, the concept of contemporary home design that can be applied on a limited land is a compact house. In addition to carrying the principle of a minimalist home, the concept of compact house also emphasizes the effectiveness of the room.
In order to get around the limited availability of land, a house with a compact house concept usually unites several rooms with different functions in one room at a time.
Furniture used in home design today is also usually a special furniture with sophisticated and multifunctional designs, such as folding beds and coffee tables that can be transformed into work tables.

04. Japanese Style


The combination of soft shade that shade, wood elements, and optimal lighting is a hallmark of Japanese style. In placing furniture and furniture in the room, Japanese style design applies symmetrical arrangement that allows the creation of empty spaces on each side of the room.
Japanese style is suitable to be the design of choice for modern lifestyle needs because it prioritizes building health aspects, such as using antitoxin materials and coatings. Don’t forget, also add leaf ornamental plants so that this Japanese style residence will look more beautiful and lively.

05. Modern Classics


Today’s home design does not always prioritize the concept of a modern minimalist home. The elements that characterize the design of the past can also be displayed to present the impression of a charming luxury home.
Bring classic style back into the dwelling by combining it with modern design elements. Leather furniture, gold and metallic accent furniture, and patterned wall wallpapers can be combined with white and gray.

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