7 Minimalist Floor Lamp Inspiration that Will Give Warmth to Your Home

It is an obligation that in a home must have adequate room lighting. Not only natural lighting from the sun, lighting from decorative lights such as floor lamps are also needed. The artistic leg of the lamp and the head of the lamp that emits light can warm the room.
Almost as tall as adults in general, floor lamps or standing lamps provide additional lighting in the corners of the room as well as decoration. Here are seven inspirational minimalist floor lamp models that will add a warm and homey atmosphere.

01. Oriental warmth lantern


Want to bring a new atmosphere to your home? Try this floor lamp. The position of the hanging lights and the lantern-shaped lampshade models give a strong Oriental impression. The shape of the lamp resembles a large, burning candle.
Without the need to stay away sightseeing, this floor lamp will make you feel the typical atmosphere of the Bamboo Land. Although it is suitable to be placed in the family room, be careful when you need to pass it to avoid tripping over this lamp base.

02. Inline lights for minimalist illumination


If the lampshades are generally semicircular or square, this wooden floor lamp with linear shades is very useful for those of you who want minimal lighting. No need a lot of space, this linear lamp gives the impression of more powerful minimalism.
In addition to the family room, you can turn on this floor lamp to accompany you to sleep at night. This lamp design makes it suitable to be placed in a room with a minimalist or contemporary design.

03. Dress up more beautiful with a spotlight


Don’t assume that floor lamps cannot provide maximum lighting! Just the example above inspiration. With a design that resembles a bright spotlight, this floor lamp is right for you who need to focus when dressing up beautifully.
The lights are only around the lampshade so as not to damage the eye and you can adjust the stem according to the lighting needs. The existence of this floor lamp makes the results of makeup become more on fleek because the light can help you in the makeup process.

04. Anti-mainstream floor lamp grooves


Known as the Arc lamp, this floor lamp with curved rods and round lamp shades has a special advantage. This lamp can be adjusted so that it can illuminate the center of the room thanks to the high arches of his feet.
As one of the best-known living room decorative lighting designs, the lampshade and color of this floor lamp are often varied. Transparent lampshades like the inspiration above emphasize the aesthetics of the visible light bulb. This incandescent lamp can strengthen the feeling of warmth when gathering with beloved family members.

05. Spotlights for reading corners


A reading corner definitely needs the right lighting so you can read books comfortably. This floor lamp can accompany you when the time to read a book arrives with a lampshade that focuses the light to a point.
With the lamp shaft that can be adjusted in length, you can also adjust the location of the spotlight in the room. This modern floor lamp is ready to provide maximum light while you are lulled in fantasy stories from books you read.

06. Vintage floor lamp for work focus


Not limited to the family room, floor lamps also work to increase your work productivity, you know. The shape of the hood that covers the top of the light bulb provides warm lighting. Uniquely, this floor lamp has three legs resembling a stool or a small seat.

07. Sleep accompanied by a soft incandescent lamp


Bored with the light sleep models like that? Floor lamp with a hood of fabric with a fibrous motif can be an option. With the light implanted along the stem, the resulting incandescent is soft and the whitish-yellow light is ready to provide warmth for a deeper sleep.
So which floor lamp did you choose? You need to remember that when the process of selecting it, adjust the interior design of the room in your residence. If your interior design style is minimalist, you can freely choose the floor lamp according to taste. Do not let its existence actually damage the beauty of your room.

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