7 Timeless Modern Wooden Beds for Your Bedroom

The use of wood materials such as wooden boards or wooden pallets to make beds is a common thing people do. However, many think that wooden beds have a monotonous and outdated design. In fact, with the right design, wooden beds can look contemporary and certainly not out of date.
Interested in presenting a wooden bed to complete your bedroom design? Check out the various bed design creations made of wood that will keep your room design cool.

01. The rustic model


One of the characteristics of a wooden bed is a typical wood texture and pattern. To present the impression of rustic as part of the interior of the industrial bedroom, you can use wood material that actually has a rough texture and is also strong in character to present a rustic wooden bed.

02. Scandinavian, simple and elegant


There’s no way you don’t know about Scandinavian design, one of the interior design styles that is quite popular nowadays. Wood furniture is one of the right choices for presenting Scandinavian designs in your bedroom. Choose a wooden bed with a simple design and has a smooth texture and a brighter color and not too dark.

03. Modern minimalist design with a clean impression


To bring a more modern feel to a wooden bed, a practical way to work is to choose a minimalist bed frame design. The combination of wood material and also the minimalist design concept gives a modern feel that is not monotonous and rigid but warmer and also alive.

4. Modern Japanese-style tatami models


For those of you who want a unique wooden bed design, there’s no harm in trying the Japanese ‘tatami’ concept that is made more modern. By designing a low bed with a simplified shape, you can present a modern tatami that is comfortable enough to use to rest.

05. Playful and bold contemporary wooden beds


If modern ‘tatami’ beds are still not unique enough, expand your wooden bed creations with bolder and exploratory forms. Try to get out of your comfort zone with wooden beds that have a stiffer geometric decoration and apply a more organic curved shape. That way, you can present the appearance of a wooden bed that is not only more modern, but also fresh.

06. Design Wooden Beds for Natural Atmosphere


One factor that often makes wooden beds as a favorite choice for perfecting bedroom designs is the natural atmosphere that it presents. If you want a stronger natural impression, use organic and original forms of wood in your wooden bed design. Not only unique, of course, it will make the atmosphere of the room feel more alive.

07. Wooden Beds from Recycled Pallets


Talking about the present design of wooden beds, one of the concepts that is now being hit is the use of wooden pallets that are recycled into beds. By stacking a wooden pallet and putting a bed on it, you can get a recycled bed that is up to date.
Sometimes the colors and textures of the original wooden pallets are still preserved, sometimes they are also coated with color paint depending on the concept of the room you want.

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