5 Awesome Modern Minimalist Kitchen Sets

Anyone would want to look neat and clean. Especially in the kitchen room, the placement of cooking utensils and cutlery such as spoons, chopsticks, pans, and spatulas carelessly will give the impression of being unhealthy and unsightly to the eye.
In Indonesia, modern minimalist kitchen sets are so popular because, in addition to the aesthetic models, this minimalist kitchen set will also make the kitchen look more attractive.
Unfortunately, determining a minimalist modern kitchen set is relatively easy and difficult. Well, to help you, this time I will review a variety of modern minimalist kitchen sets.

01. Modern Minimalist Scandinavian Ala Kitchen Set


For those of you who prioritize cleanliness and neatness, you can adopt a modern minimalist kitchen set that applies Scandinavian design principles. With the concept of a closed storage room, the kitchen will always look clean without having to look at the cutlery and cooking utensils scattered about.
Another interesting thing, this modern minimalist kitchen set model also appears to bring a natural impression. 3D model wall tiles in the backsplash area present give a dynamic impression on the kitchen.

02. Open-space Modern Minimalist  Kitchen Set


This minimalist modern kitchen set inspiration is very suitable to be applied to the minimalist kitchen design size of 2 x 2 because it carries the concept of an open shelf. Suitable for use in U-shaped kitchens, the room will seem more spacious and more concise, where the open shelves can be used to place cutlery and cooking utensils so as to make it easier for you when you want to access the equipment.

03. Korean Minimalist Modern Kitchen Set


Appearing very simple, this modern minimalist Korean-style kitchen set can also make your kitchen look neat and sweet. Dominated by a clean white color on the upper cabinet and combined with a very aesthetic wooden kitchen cabinet, this kitchen set also has a maximum function thanks to adequate storage space along with kitchen wall shelves at the corner of the room.

04. Modern Minimalist Contemporary Kitchen Set


If you want to make the kitchen look more dynamic, you can adopt a modern minimalist kitchen set by applying this contemporary design. By carrying out the monochrome theme, this kitchen shows that black does not have to be dark.
This modern minimalist kitchen set uses solid surface as a countertop and ceramic tiles as a backsplash for an elegant and harmonious kitchen appearance. Don’t forget, also maximize the opening and use of lights so that light can emit properly and make the kitchen look more dramatic.

05. Modern Minimalist Kitchen Set with Industrial Elements


Who says making a kitchen set requires a high budget? With a little creativity, you can create a modern minimalist kitchen set using concrete materials to perfect the interior appearance of the industrial concept that you want to highlight.
With a concise and simple appearance, this modern minimalist kitchen set looks very charming and is so mixed with exposed concrete walls in the kitchen. To make it look more alive, you can also include natural elements such as tiny plant pots.

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