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Super Easy Ways to Turn Your Home into Farmhouse Beach Cottage

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I am crazed over beachy home design. Since beachy home design becomes a trend in recent years, I try my best to make my home beachy. Beach home décor brings cozy and casual material to reflect an easy-going way of coastal life. As usual, people will bring whites, neutral, pastel navy blue, corals, or golds to create the canvas for accents. In creating a beachy feeling, it usually focuses on how your body feels warm, relaxing, how your feet feel like in the sand, breathe deep and smell the ocean as well. It is so healing, isn’t it?

Super Easy Ways to Turn Your Home into Farmhouse Beach Cottage

Source: decorahome.lombn.comLately, people try to combine farmhouse and coastal design. The coastal farmhouse style is an exciting blend of two current home decor trends – coastal and farmhouse. The farmhouse style blends elements of the old and new using wood, metal, and also distressing to give the home a traditional and clean look.

The beach style brings elements of the seaside into your home and creates a mood of peace. Farmhouse and coastal are perfect unity to bring a fresh, calm atmosphere to any home. Whether you stay near the beach or just wish that you did, you can invite the feel of beachy living into your home with the farmhouse beach design. It is easy to turn your home into a farmhouse beach cottage.


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Both farmhouse and coastal style use traditional materials such as wood, wicker, rattan, and distressing wood. Those elements can create a beautiful style spread featuring coastal details. You might find many kinds of wood that you can use as furniture, home accents, and decoration.

Next, give blue and white stripes that invite a fresh beach home décor ideas. You could also take some wicker rattan or sisal beach theme décor. You can find the materials are rope-like and it will give a room more a coastal living feel. Don’t forget to add texture to space.


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Traditional design and finishing furniture are very popular when it comes to the farmhouse design style. Meanwhile, beach design is all about an airy and open design. With a sandy color palette and touches of blue is great to bring the beach vibe to each room in your home. Also, pick a light blue with a natural texture for the room.

Further, this unity will make you always be on beach time with a gorgeous coastal style that made with reclaimed wood. Your home must be a comfort and serenity and give you that and more. Besides, a combination of a farmhouse and coastal design is simple to achieve by using a palette of coastal colors and some traditional touches.

Color Palettes

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When it comes to beach style we always think of water, which is blue. There are many shades of blue out there which evoke images of tropical beaches. From string blue to the deep. Not to mention, these are warm tropical colors you can pick, turquoise, tangerine, canary yellow, aqua, fuchsia, and coral.

Farmhouse beachy painting is a mix of blue, green and grey. They are the best suit South and West facing rooms due to they tend to balance out the effect of the warm light coming in the doors/windows. You can also use darker for your room it faces North. The greyer the paint, the more subtle the undertones.

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