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7 Best Tricks to Make Your Home Clean and Hygienic

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To have a dream home that is comfortable and perfect, appearance is not everything. One important factor that you need to consider is the hygienic aspects of the house.
A hygienic home does not only mean a healthy and disease-free home, of course, the house will become much more comfortable to live in.
Want to make your house more hygienic? Check out these tips and tricks so that the house is free from all diseases.

01. Make sure the air circulation is smooth

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Did you know that many sources of germs and diseases that spread through the air? Ranging from chemical residues from air freshener, dust, to smoke from cooking activities can be a source of air pollution that can make your home unhygienic.
For this reason, it is important to maintain air quality through good air circulation at home. Open windows and air vents occasionally to let outside air in to replace dirty air in the dwelling. Using an air purifier can also be a more practical alternative so that the house is more hygienic.

02. Clean regularly with environmentally friendly cleaners

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Talking about keeping the house hygienic and free of bacterial germs is very tight by making sure the house is kept clean. For that, clean the house regularly.
However, to make it maximum hygienic, switch to using natural and environmentally friendly cleaning agents such as a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to clean oil, and various other natural ingredients! Chemical cleaning agents often leave residues which will make the house unhygienic.

03. Maximize natural lighting

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To make the house more hygienic, avoid also leaving spaces that are too dark. Make sure each room gets the best lighting, especially natural lighting. This will keep the room not too humid so that germs and bacteria do not easily develop.

04. Do not pile the trash

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Bacteria, germs, and various bad things that make many unhygienic homes come from garbage. If you want a more hygienic home, don’t let household garbage build up in the house.
Empty all trash cans at home regularly once or twice a day. If you cannot dispose of your trash every day, at least leave all the garbage in the trash outside the house so that the house remains hygienic and free from sources of disease.

05. Reduce the use of plastic

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Almost every dwelling has a variety of household appliances along with their equipment made from plastic. However, almost every plastic product contains a synthetic chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) which can actually disrupt the endocrine system.
So, to make your home more hygienic, there’s no harm in reducing the use of plastic products at home or replacing them with plastic products that are free of BPA. That way, plastic waste will also be reduced.

06. Environmentally friendly wall paint

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Who would have thought if house paint could also be a source of pollution causing unhygienic homes? To prevent unhygienic homes due to house paint, switch to using environmentally friendly paint. This house paint generally contains organic compounds that are not toxic so it is safe for your home.

07. Perfect with vegetation

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This tips can improve the house to be more hygienic by adding a little touch of plants in the room. Why can vegetation help homes become more hygienic?
Some types of plants have special benefits for the environment, from cleaning the air, increasing oxygen levels, repelling pests, to reducing radiation in the room. So, you can choose ornamental plants as needed to make the house more hygienic.
Those are various tips and tricks that can help make your dream home more hygienic. Never hesitate to keep your house hygienic because it is free from all sources of disease, you can make your home more comfortable.

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