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Bring The Simple Industrial Impressions to Your Home with Hebel Bricks

Mainly among young people, industrial concept homes are in great demand. In addition to presenting a trendy appearance, the industrial concept house also has a very strong character, mainly seen in elements such as bricks that are left exposed to the original so as to give a very attractive impression.
Nowadays, bricks and concrete are the favorite materials to create an industrial feel. However, I gave another option, namely Hebel bricks or lightweight bricks because it has stronger durability than ordinary bricks, even speeding up the construction process due to its lightweight.
In the following, I will give a reference to the residential concept of an industrial concept that uses Hebel bricks.

01. Look Simple & Natural


The interior design of this one appears simple and looks very comfortable to be used as a dwelling for the whole family through the dominance of neutral colors combined with large open space that gives an airy impression. On the walls and roof, this house is adorned with Hebel bricks and exposed concrete so as to enhance the industrial feel.
In order not to be too plain by a brick wall, there are also a series of wooden elements in furniture such as modern kitchen sets, dining table sets and storage racks to bring a more lively atmosphere and free of monotonous impression.

02. Small Room with Simple Industrial Impression


For those of you who want to create an industrial feel that is not excessive, you can copy the design of the room dominated by the following exposed Hebel bricks. Despite the size of the tiny house, the dominance of exposed Hebel bricks that filled the entire room gave a firm and soothing impression.
To create an industrial feel, this room also utilizes exposed concrete materials on the floor and roof, while the use of wood materials on furniture such as TV racks and plant pot placement gives a unique dimension so that the room feels more natural, warm, and friendly.

03. Warm and Comfortable Impression through Color Blend


To create a unique impression, you can combine the use of Hebel bricks and exposed red bricks on one side of the room’s walls. In addition, the industrial impression is also getting thicker through the placement of exposed pipes and aluminum lampshades that look harmonious with the Hebel brick walls.
So that the room looks unsightly, there are also the application of color schemes on a number of furniture such as sofas, carpets, chairs to tables made of wood.

04. Appear Unique with Diagonal Hebel Bricks


For those of you who want to change the appearance of the main bedroom so that it appears contemporary, you can see this one reference. Shown with exposed Hebel brick walls arranged diagonally, this bedroom also gives a unique industrial feel.
Not only that, but this bedroom also combines modern nuances such as in the bed, wardrobe for planting and matching colored carpet, making it an ideal place to relax.

05. Tough Modern Industrial Design


This one room has a masculine look through the use of exposed Hebel bricks coated with gray paint, as well as cable pipes and air ducts as industrial-style decorations. Not only does it seem very neat and comfortable, but this bedroom also has another uniqueness through the placement of large wall hangings on the wall as a point of interest and makes the room look very dynamic.
In addition to bringing a thick industrial impression, the use of Hebel bricks also gives you a range of benefits, such as excellent strength and can be leveled with concrete, as well as saving costs because it requires a simpler finishing process.

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