6 Minimalist Kitchen Set Design Under the Stairs

Limitations of home space make people have to think cleverly when choosing a home interior design. For the sake of effective cooking activities, minimalist kitchen set designs are often an option.
So that the small house does not feel cramped, utilizing the area under the stairs as a kitchen can be a solution for effective cooking on a limited area of ​​land. If you are interested in this method, then the next step is to choose a suitable minimalist kitchen set design.

01. Minimalist green and black kitchen set design


First of all, there is a minimalist kitchen set design that is dominated by green and black. You can place various cooking utensils and store food in various corners of this tiny kitchen.
Although this minimalist kitchen set design is located at the bottom of the stairs, the kitchen looks neat and contains many devices such as ovens, sinks, to induction cookers. Open shelves in the kitchen top area are useful for placing cooking utensils and spices that are often used.

02. Simple minimalist kitchen set design


The area under the stairs can be very small to apply a minimalist kitchen set design and just enough to put the stove and the sink. Do not worry about lack of space because you can put the dining table next to it which can also function as a kitchen island.
Use the table to prepare food. When done, clean it immediately so that it can be used to enjoy food. To complete this minimalist kitchen set design, choose a dining table that extends so that there is room to move.

03. Minimalist all-white kitchen set design


A minimalist white kitchen set design for a clean and airy impression. The cabinet at the top of the kitchen is left to vary in size, following the shape of the steps.
In this minimalist kitchen set design, the stove as well as the oven is not made built-in with a cabinet, but rather placed separately in the corner of the kitchen so that it is more comfortable when cooking. The backsplash area is covered with ceramic tiles to make it easier to clean from stains.

04. Modern minimalist kitchen set design


Want a more modern look? If so, please try this modern minimalist kitchen set design. With black solid surface as a table surface, the kitchen area is equipped with a small cupboard and open shelves.
Add lights so that you are more comfortable when cooking and washing cooking utensils. If possible, use indirect lighting so that the design of this kitchen set does not look full.

05. Minimalist kitchen set design with wood material


For a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere, you can try using a minimalist kitchen set design that use wood material.
The design of this kitchen set is quite large so there are lots of cabinets and cooking utensils such as an oven, sink, and stove. Without open shelves, this kitchen set looks cleaner and neater.

06. Minimalist kitchen set design with Scandinavian elements


If you want to match the kitchen with Scandinavian interiors in residential areas, try a minimalist kitchen set design like the inspiration above. Combining wood material and white dominance brings a simple and charming look to the kitchen.

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