7 Elegant Wood Kitchen Sets, Traditional Touch for Modern Style

Wooden kitchen sets in the interior world began to steal the attention since the 1980s, and it seems that it will not recede until years to come. Because the wooden kitchen set has a traditional or classic touch that is durable.
From modern housing to traditional-themed interiors, wooden kitchen sets can be easily present for an exclusive, luxurious and charming kitchen atmosphere. With its own charm, the presence of a simple wooden kitchen set can create a space that is very warm and can be worn for years.
Although impressed by the traditional, the presence of a wooden kitchen set proved to be quite flexible and can be applied to various interior designs today, including modern home designs. It’s time you think of ways to bring wood kitchen sets at home after being inspired by the designs below.

01. Modern with industrial elements


The traditional impression of the wooden kitchen set began to change along with the development of various styles in interior design. It shows that the combination of styles can be realized through the application of wooden kitchen sets that harmonize Scandinavian designs with industrial interiors that are present in the kitchen through hanging lamps and iron wall shelves. If you want to have a wall shelf in your kitchen set, Dekoruma sells iron wall shelves like the picture above.

02. Personal atmosphere with a Natural Wood Kitchen Set


The look of natural wood gives warmth to the room, so the presence of a wooden kitchen set is suitable for a kitchen that functions as a gathering place with loved ones. Left to look natural without much polish, the intimate atmosphere in the kitchen was increasingly felt.

03. Texture Variations for the Ideal Kitchen


This variety of wooden kitchen sets comes to complement the diverse kitchen needs, while at the same time combined with classic backsplash with white ceramic tiles that are arranged diagonally. The combination of wood and white elements is harmonious, especially to present the atmosphere of an elegant and neat room.

04. Clean White Scandinavian-style


The combination of materials in the kitchen is important to bring the desired kitchen design concept as a whole. Wooden kitchen set adapted to the Scandinavian design that is carried in this neat kitchen.
The selection of backsplash and lighting system under the cabinet makes the kitchen atmosphere brighter and modern so it is comfortable when cooking.

05. Recycling Modern Wood Kitchen Sets


Maintaining the characteristics of a kitchen set when renovating a house can be the most appropriate decision for a valuable property.
The wooden kitchen set can be repainted to display natural wood sheen, and totally repaired alongside teak floors and other beautiful furniture. Thus, the classic nuance still exists while also being able to enjoy the best modern facilities in the kitchen.

06. Vintage Wooden Kitchen Set with Beautiful Details


For residential needs that require a variety of facilities in the kitchen, this wooden kitchen set with vintage design combines traditional carvings as variations on the cabinet and drawer design so that the kitchen’s appearance is not monotonous.
The unit of this wooden kitchen set unit is also neat and complete, suitable for the concept of a modern interior design that still wants to bring the warmth of a traditional design in residential.

07. Elegant with Contemporary Colors


Choosing the right wood paint color for the kitchen set is enough to determine the overall kitchen interior design. Although complete with classic details typical of wooden kitchen sets, the kitchen can still look beautiful thanks to anti-mainstream paint colors.
Choosing a kitchen set design is complicated because it needs to think about the overall harmony of the kitchen interior design without forgetting the function of the kitchen itself.
With a variety of wooden kitchen set designs, such as teak wood kitchen sets that are commonly chosen, it’s easy for you to present a traditional impression that is in harmony with the modern style carried by the kitchen.

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