5 Meeting Table Designs That Makes the Discussion More Relax

A meeting room is a place where several people gather to discuss and give each other ideas, opinions, and creativity which then becomes innovation and positive results. Therefore, do not underestimate the equipment for meeting room furniture, such as chairs and conference tables that support the meeting itself.
For meeting chairs, of course, it should be prioritized that the design is comfortable and ergonomic so that all meeting participants do not feel sore when having to sit for long to discuss a large project.
Then what about the conference table? Of course, the meeting table must also have a design that does not seem rigid so that the atmosphere of the meeting becomes more relaxed and all participants can feel more comfortable.
Well, here I will share inspiring meeting table designs that are guaranteed not to create a tense atmosphere during the meeting.

01. Leisurely Discuss with the Round Meeting Table


Taking the style of a cafe table that is low-sized and casual, the conference table can still be present optimally with a minimalist round shape. This conference table design is very suitable to be combined with a soft lounge chair so that when exchanging ideas and opinions becomes more flexible and relaxed. The idea of ​​a conference table and room has become a standard for FiftyThree Inc. in New York.

02. Decorative Meeting Table with Unique Accents


This open-air meeting room with a touch of rustic style is owned by the entertainment company Conde Nast in New York. Using a relaxed, collaborative approach, this very identical meeting room is characterized by soft chairs and low-style meeting tables that are uniquely styled. One of them is a conference table with a wooden surface and an attractive metal frame covered with white paint. With this unique meeting table design, the meeting atmosphere is guaranteed not to be tense.

03. Sturdy Wooden Meeting Table


For those of you who don’t want to leave the corporate-style professional style, a conference table can be an option. Designed with a large size and impressed firmly, but this meeting table still has its own casual and relaxed elements.
For the material, choose a solid wood conference table, such as teak. The selection of a wooden conference table that has a natural accent will be very effective to make the meeting atmosphere warmer and not too rigid.

04. Meeting Table with Attractive Colors


Look at the inspiration of this conference table, you will definitely feel relaxed instantly. With a bright and colorful interior style of the meeting room, the meeting table was not left behind to help make this meeting room more lively.
Actually, this conference table model is very simple, it’s just that this conference table is covered with purple tablecloths that give a cheerful and warm impression at the same time. The meeting table is arranged in a row to form a U so that there is open access for the speaker in the middle. Coupled with the right size, this conference table is ready to give a serious, but relaxed impression.

05. High Meeting Table Design


The tradition of meeting while standing and gathering are often applied by some companies as a way for team building. Although usually a meeting session like this is only a short time, still many who like the style of the meeting because it is considered more relaxed.
Now, so that the atmosphere of the meeting like that can continue to run smoothly and effectively, as an alternative you can use a high conference table because the sensation will be the same as when the meeting while standing. For the seats, you can try using a bar chair with a professional model. However, this meeting table must definitely be adjusted to your work needs and meeting activities.

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