6 Stunning Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Inspirations

The kitchen certainly requires careful planning, especially in terms of design and storage space. Apart from the main kitchen set that has been neatly lined up, the trend of this minimalist kitchen cabinet has been widely followed by people around the world.
If you want a more neat kitchen, you need to present a minimalist kitchen cabinet to make it easier to organize kitchen utensils that are used for cooking every day.

01. Elegant and Multifunctional


As an additional storage space for the kitchen, it is certain that kitchen cabinets must be efficient in maximizing space so that the house is more practical. This minimalist kitchen cabinet will definitely make you happy because of its simple and elegant design.
With side cabinet features that are ideal for accommodating small-sized objects, this furniture is also suitable for storing dry household waste and is fitted with a pull-out drawer. Finally, this minimalist kitchen cabinet design is increasingly innovative with the installation of wheels which makes it quite portable at all times.

02. Cool Blue Shades


Shown in this unique light blue color, this minimalist kitchen cabinet combines various types of storage without forgetting its aesthetic elements. Suitable for Scandinavian-style house, this minimalist kitchen cabinet made from wood material that gives a homey touch that is softer and less rigid making it ideal for placement in small or spacious kitchens.

03. Make the Kitchen Look More Luxurious


Want to have a kitchen that looks different and luxurious? The inspiration for this minimalist kitchen cabinet is to take a cabinet design with wide sides for extra storage. Although different from the concept of a minimalist kitchen cabinet in general, the horizontal space effectively becomes an area to put various trinkets that you can arrange creatively. Certainly, the storage function remains maximal with this elegant minimalist kitchen cabinet made from wood.

04. Beautiful and Simple White


Carrying a classic contemporary design style, this minimalist kitchen cabinet steals the attention, especially in terms of its unique size. Not only easily accessible, but this minimalist kitchen cabinet also has a multilevel rack that can be decorated to enhance the interior as well.
Equipped with one pull drawer and an extra cabinet at the bottom, this minimalist kitchen cabinet comes in white so it can be easily integrated with kitchen furniture that you already have.

05. Standard but still charming


For additional pantry at home such as special food storage, this standard minimalist kitchen cabinet is still charming to try. Shown with natural wood color, this minimalist kitchen cabinet consists of two main parts with an open cabinet model that is practical. Rack width separation is also ideal for placing small to medium-sized kitchen items, as well as for kitchenware and other kitchen utensils.

06. Vintage Beauty for Today’s Kitchen


There is no harm in perfecting the vintage design of the residence by presenting a minimalist kitchen cabinet like the inspiration above. This furniture can brighten the atmosphere with its own elegant and special style.
With a modern classic style, the impression of cool minimalism and semi-contemporary comes from the selection of solid wood materials and stylish carved accents. Surely, this minimalist kitchen cabinets can double the display, which is storage as well as a centerpiece that works optimally in the kitchen room.

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