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What is The Best Home Color Palette Ideas?

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Imagine a home with a cozy interior design. When we first think of creating a color palette for space, what comes to mind? The color palette is simply a choice and organization of color space throughout the space. They have so many colors and also their combination can influence the person who feels the room.

What Is The Best Home Color Palette Ideas

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A harmonious color scheme will give you a warm, relaxing and calm feeling. But, how do you want your space to feel? There are some choices of color palette for your room. A complementary color is the opposite of each other. They contrast each other. Meanwhile, the monochromatic color scheme creates a modern and clean feel.

The color palette can create a mood, enhance a particular design style, and also bring cohesion. Through color, we can create a design that has a visual relationship between a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in a single area. Again, we can use it to create a visual relationship throughout a whole house.

Can we use the same color in each room? The answer is yes. We can use the same color in each room to achieve color continuity. But, it doesn’t mean that we must paint every room with the same wall color palette. We just need to use the color somewhere significant in each room.

Living Room

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For communal space like living rooms, softer tones such as light blue, white or gray shadows are great for creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. When you are looking for darker or warmer tones deep ruddy brown mill makes your living room like a great place to rest.

There is some suggestions for living room color palettes you can try. Hot pink and turquoise, crimson and sage, vibrant blue and yellow, salmon and mustard, grass green and tangerine, emerald and cantaloupe, or bubble gum and black.


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If you like the romantic vibe and maybe a bit drama darker color is the answer. For a timeless choice, you can pick goblin that looks lush and comforting in any bedroom. However, burgundy paint colors can have a comparable effect. Also, brighter reds or blues can be a bit too striking in your bedroom. A few inviting bedroom color palette you can have is navy, brown, bright white, apple green, preppy blue, soft pink, dark blue, mossy green, pure white, deep plum and antique white.


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Matte black, pale yellow, cream, sage green, gold leaf, light taupe or gray-green? Which one do you prefer the most for your kitchen area? Those color palettes are best for 2020. But, it’s important to understand how to use them once you want to brighten up the most crucial room in your home. As for the kitchen area, find inspiration in traditional Tuscan colors. Not to mention, the best way to pick paint colors for your kitchen is by finding a color palette that speaks to the atmosphere you wish.


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How about bathrooms? It seems like a bedroom area. For the bathroom, Bimini blue can make an impact. It is resulting is beauty when paired with marble or ceramic tiled floors, countertop, or shower. Also, darker blue is better suited to a bathroom with bright fixtures.

As a result, there is nothing special than pick the best bathroom color palette you desire. Vibrant teal, copper, magenta, neon yellow, cherry red, powder blue, pretty plum, or dramatic black. It’s all up to you.

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