What to Plant Inside?


It’s great to let the sunshine in every space in our house. Unfortunately, some of our homes don’t have the chance to embrace the sun’s rays. Hence, we can solve the lack of light by using lamps. When it comes to decor our home by using something natural, I always pick houseplants. They are great in any home style.

What to Plant Inside?


No matter what your house design plants are ‘always’ be the most important part of home decor. Without any doubt, plants enhance the home appearance and give an extra fresh-looking. If you are looking for a touch of green for your room, you can opt for low-light houseplants.

The low-light houseplants have so many varieties. Further, they are not only good as home decor but also they can help you to reduce toxins and fresh the air. Philodendron, Chinese Evergreen, Jade Plants, and lots more. They can live well in a shaded area without many maintenances.



Philodendron can grow with minimal care, including low light. They come in climbing and non-climbing variety. These houseplants can grow as tall as about three feet with proper care. Besides, they prefer indirect light, bright light and also can thrive in shade.

All you need to grow these houseplants are sunlight, water, and fertilizer. They come in two main types are vining and non-climbing varieties. Vining philodendron needs a supporting structure to climb on. Then, non-climbing philodendron needs plenty of elbow rooms.

ZZ Plants


ZZ plants are short of Zamioculcas zamiifolia. They are very popular around the world with its wide, dark green leaves and boast many favorable traits for homes and offices. They grow slowly to the height and width of two to three height. Thus, they are so not a plant monster that will outgrow containers fast.

Besides, they are an air purifier and can remove the copious amount of toxins. They also don’t need extra cares, but you only need to apply a balanced liquid houseplants fertilizers and water when fully dry. Also, situate the ZZ plants are in low to bright indirect light.

Jade Plants


Looking for mini houseplants without extra maintenance and can live in the shade, Jade plants are the best answer. You can place them on your desk, coffee table, side tables, even the edge of windows. These plants are great houseplants, particularly in a traditional or classic terracotta pot.

They are succulent houseplants and easy to grow in an indoor area. Plus, they are long-lived and have an appealing appearance. Jade plants adapt well to warm and dry conditions. Make sure to keep them watered during Summer and Spring and drier during the dormant season (Fall, Winter).

Chinese Evergreen


There are pretty indoor plants that easies to grow among many indoor plants, this is it! Chinese Evergreen. According to NASA’s study, these houseplants are the air-filtering houseplant. They are easy to grow and great plants to start with if you’re new to caring for houseplants. They look best when you place them beside your indoor furniture. Chinese Evergreen¬†grow to thrive in medium to low light conditions or indirect sunlight.

Dwarf Citrus Tree


How about growing citrus trees? Is it possible? Are they not overgrow in containers? Absolutely, no! These kinds of houseplants are regular fruit trees that are grafted onto smaller plant rootstock. Further, citrus trees can grow about eight to ten feet tall.

Not to mention, citrus trees have a standard-size tree and receive the same care. They produce large leaves and have many uses in the garden. Besides, if you want to close to your house, you can use a citrus tree and also add little light height to a perennial background.

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