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Magnificent Country French Decor Ideas

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Bold, sophisticated, chic, and quirky. Those adjectives fit for Country French styles. It unites the old and new styles, so when you think French design is out of style, old or traditional, you could think again! French design is simple elegance with its extraordinary design, furniture materials, distress woodwork, mixed patterns, vibrant and subdued hues, and the use of toile fabric.

Magnificent Country French Decor Ideas

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Natural light plays crucial role in Country French home. It reflects tradition in its elegant furniture and aesthetic home accents. Country French also known as Provincial home. The use of serene colors and modest fabric are the base foundation for this cozy atmosphere.

Further, the characteristic of this style is the use of color palette. It uses earthy hues, such as summer yellow, sage green, soft blue, and lots more. Besides, the most important thing from this French style is the simplicity of decoration and antiqued furniture. Before transforming your home into Country French style, you must know these following ideas.


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When you desire your home designed in the French style, you should pick the furniture which stands out aged. Pick whitewashed wood when opting for furniture and decor to provide your room with aesthetic appearance. If you notice, this style could be the same as rustic chic.
Besides, linen fabric is the most common material used in French furniture. Linen fabric lends an airy texture and a light to a Country French home. it infuses informal elegance, whether for framing windows or draping furniture. You can buy upholstered furniture, throw pillows and window treatment to add a charming look to your French home.
Shop for antique furniture such as mirror, birdcages, or coffee table. They take on a casual appeal with a neutral color scheme. Keep in tune with Country French furniture and whitewashed wood that lend a natural, texture touch to your homey space.

Color Palette

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The beauty of mute colors spread joy and elegance to your Country French home. Muted color is another way to say dull. It is the opposite of vivid color and has a low saturation or chroma. Some colors that work well in Country French home are green, blue, pink, red, white and yellow. When it comes to red, white and blue, they evoke classic palette. Further, you can pick red or blue furnishing and use the diverse shades for your home accents.

Toile Fabric

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Toile fabric features an intricate pastoral motif like floral, animal, figure, and landscape scheme. It lends a casual interest to an uncomplicated look. Whether it is for windows treatments, tablecloths, even wallpaper toile fabric can be many things nowadays.
Toile comes to form the French word means linen cloth. It is short from toile de Jouy means linen or cloth from the town of Jouy-enJosas. It is romantic linen printed in a single color such as black, blue, or red. It is popular for non-fabric items as well.
Furthermore, the use of toile fabric in Country French home is for homeowners like windows treatments, upholstery, clothing, china, bedding, and wallpaper. The design is aesthetic, thus it is perfect for your French home. Many types of toile you can buy in the market. There are Festin Noir, Sanya Gris, Covington Jungle, Milady Moutarde, Noble Toile Bleu, etc.

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