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Must-Use Coastal Decoration Materials

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What does come first in your head when hearing coastal decoration? Is it all about blue color? Corals? Starfish? Or natural materials? Looking for a way to bring coastal feel by installing any kind of coastal decoration is so healing. You can get something relaxing, easy-going way of coastal life and cozy feel from beach home decor. Further, talking about coastal decoration will lead us to aware of the material used.

Must-Use Coastal Decoration Materials

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What’s the best coastal decor material used? Commonly, beachy feeling always concerns on how our body feels warm, relaxed, and how our feet feel like in the sand. Then, home decor materials used also made out of natural elements such as wicker, glasses, rope, metals, and driftwood. They have absolutely dressed a home well. Through the use of natural light, soft tones and a clean aesthetic, they can evoke the breeziness of the ocean.


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The first common material used in coastal home decor is wicker. Wicker is traditionally made out of the material of plants, such as willow, rattan, reed or bamboo. This material is sturdy and is suitable for furniture that easies to move. Some people get confused what the different of wicker and rattan? Rattan is crafted out of rattan only, while wicker is crafted out of some materials like bamboo, rattan, or straw.

In coastal decor always uses wicker furniture. They are both durable and lightweight. They are also known as all-weather wicker due to it is long-lasting weave and suit in all weather condition. Thus, in coastal decor, wicker material is always ‘always’.


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We often see glasses decoration in a coastal home, right? Weather on the dining table, side table, or be hung on the ceiling. Create an easy-going casual vibe in your beachy home by using glass material is one of great. The glasses used to diffuse light, reduce glare, and get a translucent appearance. You can use glasses both interior and exterior applications. They are available in the marketplace with different colors, styles, and usage.


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No matter what style of your home, metal decor material can add personality to your home. Metal decorations give a stylish statement in your coastal cottage. There are many unique and creative ways to use metal in your home. Since metal can fit in any style, coastal style no exception, there are plenty of ways to decorate your home with metals.

From candle holder, wall art, basket wall storage, metal sunburst wall mirror to metal word art. They beautifully add charm to your coastal cottage. Further, you should be aware that metals are easy to rust. Thus, you should take care of them thoughtfully. Metal art only needs to keep dust from gathering. All you need is a dry, soft cloth to rub off dust.

Rope and Driftwood

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The nautical rope is a wonderful way to combine natural fiber into your home decor. They give a special charm and so cute to your home. Besides, they come in a variety of decorations that will steal your heart. They are naturally eco-friendly material for both traditional design and modern design. Ropes bring a nautical theme, creates stunning decor items for coastal homes and cottages.

Meanwhile, you can use driftwood for any home design as well as ropes. Especially for coastal homes and cottages. Using driftwood for decor is a great idea due to it is eco-friendly and beautiful. Driftwood uses reclaimed old wood for a new wonderful design.

For those who looking for a coastal or beach touch, driftwood is the best answer. You can use driftwood as a base dining table, coffee table, even a console table. It comes in beautiful home decors such as chairs, floor lamps, and table lamps, a large round dining table, ceiling lamps, and an oversized mirror frame.

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