The Best Outdoor Furniture Materials for Traditional to Modern Design Ideas

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When you have a plan to design your outdoor area you should think every single thing. It is for many things such as for social gathering with your friends or just relaxing on your days off. An outdoor area can be a perfect place for entertaining family and friends, a place for your kid’s birthday party, or just to stargazing. Since there is so much outdoor furniture out there to suit your lifestyle, you should consider the best materials made from.

The Best Outdoor Furniture Materials for Traditional to Modern Design Ideas

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However, you need a piece of comfortable furniture that long-lasting, easy to clean, easy to move and affordable. Even if you are on a tight budget, paying a bit more can pay off because it will last a lot longer. There are the best outdoor furniture materials out there. Some are heavyweight and the others are lightweight. But, of course, they also have advantages and disadvantages. Below a list of outdoor furniture materials, you should know before buying or built-in furniture.


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Aluminium is the most popular outdoor furniture material. It is relatively lightweight and strong, thus you can easy to store and rearrange it. Aluminium resists rust and moisturize damage better than other metals. In caring of aluminium you just need to spray it with clear water or a mild soapy to clean up dust and dirt.


a. Resist rust and moisture damage better than other materials, especially metals.

b. Lightweight construction, so you can easily move it.

c. Low-maintenance and easy to clean

d. Resist: sunlight, rain, and extreme temperature.

Resin Wicker

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For some people know resin wicker as all-weather wicker. Resin wicker weather-resistant and a longer-lasting. Actually, resin wicker refers to the woven style, not the material used. It made out of PVC, nylon, polyethylene and high-density polyethylene. All you need to take care of your resin wicker furniture is removing dirt by spraying with clean water, letting air dry and keeping it in shade area.
a. Weather-resistant
b. More durable than traditional wicker materials
c. Homey feel to your outdoor space
d. Lends a traditional
e. UV-resistant, thus it won’t fade or crack
f. Resist: sunlight, rain, humidity


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As we know, wood is the most popular furniture material for both indoor and outdoor. It is durable, easy to form, and has natural beauty. There are two types of wood softer wood and hardwood. Softer woods are pine, cedar or fir, while hardwood is teak. It is easy and simple to clean wood furniture. You should always use pads, coaster or felt to avoid heat marks and the look of moisture rings. If your furniture is painted wood, you can clean with a damp cloth. Then, keep out of rain, direct sunlight to preserve quality.


a. Casual feel

b. Lends a warm

c. Natural weather-resistant

d. Durable, it will long-lasting if you care properly

e. Resist: rain, sunlight, wind, extreme temperatures, and humidity

Wrought Iron

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Source: clubgodiva.com

Wrought iron is heavier than aluminium, but it is wind-resistant sturdiness and strength. Commonly wrought iron furniture is treated with weather-resistant finishes. They help you to seal out moisture and prevent rust. To clean up wrought iron you can use a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Besides, if you find spot rust, clean them with mild soapy water, sand the spot and seal with colored paint.


a. Heavyweight, so it will keep stable and firmly in place with no treatment of being blown over.

b. Resist: sunlight and wind

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