The Basic Patio Decorating Ideas to Inspire You

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Is your patio going to waste? What do you have in your patio, anyway? Perhaps a seat, or two? An old table you never use anymore? Or nothing at all? When it comes to decorating the patio both for the backyard or front yard, it can be very interesting. Whether you’re looking for temporary decoration or a permanent one. There are many ideas you can add more decoration to your patio.

The Basic Patio Decorating Ideas to Inspire You

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Patio decoration comes in a variety. You can start with the little things to the big one. Opting for furniture, lighting fixtures, green-looking from plants, rugs, and maybe for some people they will build-in outdoor kitchen in their patio. But, what’s most important? Or you can say, what’s the basic patio decoration you can put? With these decorative décor, you will finally have the perfect spot for you, your family and friends for any social gathering


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As we know, patio receives much sunlight during the day, especially in Summer. Make your outdoor patio curtain. Since the outdoor fabric is expensive, so you may use the common cotton fabric with waterproofing spray. But, the most important thing you should consider when choosing a patio curtain is it should be able to dry quickly.

There is some best fabric for your outdoor curtain. Such as cotton canvas, polyester blends, acrylic, and olefin. They are water-resistant, UV and fade resistant, and eco-friendly. You will feel like you’re on vacation when sitting in your patio. Further, your outdoor space will be light and super cozy.


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Comfortable seating could be the basic decoration for your patio, in any design. The stylish patio made of wood material, then completed with a restful seating. It’s optional for you to opt for your seating. There are some ideas, such as wood pallet seating, dining table set, wicker seating set, or playful mix and match seating.

To get such a cozy and inviting feels to your patio, seating becomes one of the basic patio decorations. The seating offers a comfortable ambiance into your patio where you have a social gathering with your friends. Then, what the best material for seating we should take?

Commonly, people like to use wood as seating materials due to it is durable and lends a warm. But, there are other materials you can pick for your seating. They are aluminum, resin wicker, recycled plastic, wrought iron, and steel. All those materials have many benefits. Such as, aluminum needs a little care, lightweight construction, so it is easy to move, and easy to clean.

Besides, risen wicker lends a traditional and warm and homey feels to your outdoor space. While, if you prefer to use recycled plastic you don’t need to take care of it too much. It needs low-maintenance and is easy to clean. Further, wrought iron has a weather-resistant and heavyweight that keep it stable. The last is steel, it has hefty weight and provides sturdy and long-lasting construction.


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Potted plants are ideal for your patio. They are fantastic to add color and beauty to this spot. Also, they can brighten up the dark and difficult corner of your outdoor. Then, what the best plants we can store? There are annual flowers, Perrenials, and white flowers.

However, Perennials are still the most popular flowers in shade. They are Astilbe, Bee Balm, Bellflowers, Bleeding-Heart, Hydrangea, Violets and lots more. Annual flowers to grow in the shade that can thrive low sunlight are Alyssum, Baby Blue Eyes, Begonia, Calendula, Cleome, Fuchsia, Impatiens and Larkspur

Besides, white flowers hold a special in the world. There are no other color flowers that bring sparkle and brightness to your outdoor area. Some white flowers that grow in shade are Alyssum, Begonia, Coral Bells, Hosta, and Lily of the Valley.

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