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14 Luxurious Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Make The Most of a Tiny Spaces

What’s the capacity of your bathroom? If it measures less than 90 inches in length and width, then you should go with one that cuts down on space. But if there is still plenty left over after installing all these towel bars or other fixtures from our list above—use them! It doesn’t matter whether they’re long-lasting because we’ll be using crown molding anyways to cover up any visible areas where new drywall wouldn’t look good anyway (and who wants their guests looking at those Marks?).

Now imagine yourself stepping outta this small passage into an expansive room: The first thing most people do when entering a fresh new environment like bathrooms often times

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What’s the smallest bathroom you can imagine? Is it a compact space with limited counter and wall storage, or one that has no room for anything but toiletries and towels. If so we have some great ideas to share!
Our first tip is using white tiles as they will look clean against any color scheme while also taking up less floor area than other types of stone/shapes due their simplicity in design when compared side by Side

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Come take a look at our small bathroom design ideas. We have space for everything from your toothbrush to even an extra pair of shoes!


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