Having a beautiful countertop is an important thing, especially when it comes to adding new features to the kitchen. Countertop ideas are many. If you’re in the process of designing your kitchen or remodeling an existing one, you can’t help but take inspiration from the classic kitchens of the past.

13 Kitchen Countertop That Look Like A Million Bucks

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One of the best countertop ideas that really works in today’s modern homes is the one-corner-basin countertop. You’ll be surprised to learn that this type of countertop is relatively easy to install, and it not only looks great, but it also saves space in the kitchen. The advantages of this type of countertop are amazing.

As you may know, small spaces like kitchen cabinets often don’t get enough foot traffic, and that’s why they end up with cluttered side cabinets and shelves. A one-corner-basin countertop eliminates that clutter by giving each corner a separate shelf. Of course, instead of wall shelves, it uses a flat surface.

You’ll also find that the counters are very versatile because it fits into virtually any kitchen design. Instead of installing a three-corner-basin countertop in the middle of a square kitchen, try to mount one in the corner of a round kitchen.

A simpler, less complicated and much more affordable design for a one-corner-basin countertop is called the corner table. It features a base with two handles on one side, and an attractive four-sided base with a hole at the corner for a dishwasher. This type of countertop is even more suitable for small kitchens because it doesn’t create a bigger problem if your kitchen is a bit cramped.

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Another countertop ideas is the island countertop. With the island, you simply place one island in the center of the countertop, so you have more counter space at the end of each island and you also save valuable countertop space for holding items in the kitchen sink.

Countertop ideas like these are ideal for today’s homeowners who are faced with the need to bring a refreshing change to their kitchen. You’ll be amazed at how easy and simple it is to install a nice looking island countertop.